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Final Jaws
Final Jaws
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So.... Shovel Knight.


If you've been a gamer around the year of 2014, chances are you've heard of this shovel-toting warrior. He's seen as one of, if not THE definitive indie game icon, Shovel Knight instantly became a Cult Classic. And on the topic of this thread...


As pretty much THE definitive Indie Game Icon, Shovel Knight has found his way around the indie-gaming block... a lot, actually. As he himself puts it in Yooka-Laylee...

"Greetings adventurers! I seem to have embarked on such a grand adventure that I've ended up in the wrong game."

The name of the game here is trying to find any references to the blue burrower and post 'em here. Be it a cameo appearance where he proceeds to dole out shovel justice or just a reference to his exploits. Just one rule: You can't use the Shovel Knight game itself. These are meant to be cameos, not starring appearances.

I'll begin with one of my personal favourites due to the rocking remix of his theme. As a boss in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, unlocked by using his Amiibo:

Superman has no limits?

About that...

Because Simon has you beat by a mile.
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Squall's a Wuss
Squall's a Wuss
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He has appeared in Runbow as a playable character as well. There is in fact an entire wiki page on it. ... ther_Media
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