Digital era= Automation? What do you think?

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Just something interesting to reflect on. Thanks to the Internet, we can do many things with just a click of a button. For example, shuttle services.
Requesting shuttle services online in case you have no way to go to an airport or just to move around a city you don't live at. And what kind of vehicles do shuttle companies normally use? SUV's, limos, Sedans, Vans, etc. And for a good reason, of course, seeing that these vehicles are perfect for transporting various people at once to airports and at any place they request. Very convenient. For example, if you have to travel to, say, Atlanta, Georgia, but don't know how to move around there, you can just as easily request an Atlanta airport shuttle online and, no matter how far you are from the airport, you'll get there easily instead of having to wait and take a taxi. And it's not just shuttles either, of course. Booking airplane tickets, communicating with people in any part of the world in the comfort of your home, creating businesses online, being able to work at home only needing a laptop, USBs, being able to make a living on YouTube, Wifi, heck, even bringing down dictatorships and many more huge changes that the Internet has created. It really is amazing, things are easier to do now than in previous generations. But one wonders, where will the world go from here? A lot of things are precisely becoming automated. How far will this automation phase go? Will vehicles become completely automated as well, no longer needing drivers and putting them out of a job? Will automation completely take over companies, no longer needing humans to work there? If that happens, what will humans do then? Who knows, but we should pay close attention to the changes that are coming every time. Faster changes are occurring every time in our society thanks to the Internet.
What do you guys think, in general, about all of this? Do you really think that machines and computers might eventually take over most jobs that people do?

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