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Okay, long story short, I was forced into "relations" with an older girl at my own age of ten, or around there. She got pregnant with the boy/girl and aborted it.
I had recently gotten video games for Christmas at the age of nine. In 1990, that's when video games decided to take an upward climb in quality, graphics, even a tad bit of story line, and game play, providing something that made it very easy hide my face in a TV screen playing Final Fantasy IV, VI and Chrono Trigger. To be fair, sometimes I spent too much time in these things. Television lost it's appeal, it was worthless. You just sat on a chair and watched someone els'es life. The lives you interacted with in an electronic game was just as artificial, but it was an art form. Just as much as the lives of people on television. Could it be that people were too insecure and immature to let people with another form of the same weakness they have live in peace?

The isolation and hatred from children and sometimes instructors who had no souls, let alone hearts to help a student suffering from internal wars of violation, remembering his sexual ravaging by both teenage boys and girls went on from Elementary School to High School. During Academic years, as people are supposedly forming into people they will become in the future, why don't people actually teach them and do what they say they do for children to mature.

"Did I really get a girl pregnant, I thought that only happened when you were at least twelve or something?" I thought. Then of course, there's all sorts of other things, bullying by students, and by instructors at the same time. Altercations and un-called for discipline against me for being the victim of bullying, regular sexual harassment, and all sorts of things in the past getting in the way of my education. I was a very bright student, and not a lazy student, not by any stretch of the imagination, unless you're a Puritan.

So, video games, as an artform, oh how I hid myself in video games as an artform. My absence of self-respect and/or esteem went a long way towards shoving my face in the "Escape" of these electronic games made mostly in Japan. Discussions about artists sometimes got my attention, but I couldn't act like these Paragons of talent, IMHO.

So there's a lot of media debate about Gamers. Sometimes seen as Columbine Massacring killers, sometimes seen as hopeless losers, fat, never maturing man-children. (Or woman-children). Gay, etcetera, whatever stereo type you could see in your mind, it's aimed at people who are just simply different from other people. So my question is, why are gamers so despised, hated and maligned? What are your opinions?
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For that last part, it's because a lot of them, the ones making the news, are outright fucking domestic terrorists who have regular livestream powwows where they pat themselves on the back for nearly getting a transwoman to commit suicide. I'm serious, this has happened almost countless times now.

Before that became visible to the general public, though, it's not that we were despised but that we were an outsider group. The mainstream public treats all odd groups the same way, though sci-fi, comics, gaming and so forth have a bad habit of giving good cases. These are mediums that have a lot of white males populating them and finding validity in their own personal torment among others. That should be a positive thing, and it can be, but a lot of them stay angry and start blaming people even worse off than them for criticizing something in their given medium. The tech industry is basically one big boy's club born from this mindset and it is a disaster.

So while the mainstream just laughs at the weird people, other groups see the worst elements popping up and stay far away. Gaming has that problem in unheard volume right now, and it's reached the point where the venom that started here is pouring into other mediums, like sci-fi lit (look up sad puppies and the hugos).

Our problem is a HUGE lack of perspective. I've seen people I used to connect with taking part in concentrated attacks against women and trans people, and I've burnt bridges because of it. I'm bisexual myself, and I don't want to have to deal with this hatred in my life, especially when there's a chance it could be leveled back on me someday (I'm also Portuguese on top of being bi). Even before I realized my sexuality, I have felt a connection to that same frustration. I was bullied and buried myself in games in anime. However, I've grown since and learned to let go of that pointless anger and moved on from my pain as I realized the world outside grade school has a lot of nice people hanging around.


Your case is way worse than mine by miles, though. I hope you've found the help you need to deal with that trauma. Still, we reacted in similar ways and absorbed media, making it our new reality. But that's dangerous, as it can paint your sense of self and then poison you into horrific viewpoints. These people going around trying to doxx women for saying a thing about a game they like or siding with actual nazi groups have such a skewed view of reality that they don't see how destructive their way of life is - both to those around them and themselves.

If I can give some advice, it's not to see yourself as a victim because your a gamer. Most the world loves to play games now, you're no longer an outliner, even among the more niche genres. Don't be mad about that, be grateful. People may finally understand you now. It really does get better, as cliched that saying is.

Don't keep seeing yourself as the person in the out because of what you like to do with your free time. See yourself as the good person you are.

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