New Formal Talk Rules *please read before posting*

Politics, Social Issues, Religion, Philosophy & other Serious Topics Only.
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^All Blog and Forum rules apply to Formal Talk as well. Racism, sexist remarks, and bigotry are not welcome here at Screw Attack.

Special Subforum Rules

1. Please properly seed topics with a story, statistic, or link to an outside source so we understand what you are talking about and give us something to discuss.

2. No jokes, 4chanish image posts, trolling, or unneeded thread derailment.

3. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Discuss/Debate the idea responsibly, flaming other members will be met with reprisals.

4. If you are easily offended, close minded, cannot respect the opinion of others, looking to cause trouble, or just looking for lulz then do not post here.

5. Necroposting: There will be no official timeframe for or a rule against a "necropost," but there are a few exceptions we ask that you follow. Please ensure that your post is relevant to the entire thread - not just four. Do not use it as your personal soapbox. If you are not contributing to the discussion, please leave it be.

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