What do you think is the most nostalgic Death Battle?


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You Crack Me Up, Little Buddy
You Crack Me Up, Little Buddy
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 6:42 pm
The TMNT Battle Royal was probably the one that scream "Nostalgia", but, to be honest, it was the first battle that bothered me in a "Ow, my childhood" way, you know? Pokemon vs Digimon is a close second.

For the other kind of nostalgia, (Like about DB), for me it's Starscream vs Rainbow Dash. I know the fandom was always a cringe fest, but the birth of the fandom is a sort of golden age. (That Hasbro C&D'd a lot of)
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Come on, Get Serious!
Come on, Get Serious!
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I would have to say the most nostalgic episodes for me that had my childhood would have to be Pokemon VS Digimon and Bowser VS Ganon since they both screamed childhood for me since in the former's case, I grew up watching both of their shows on tv back when I was a kid but for the latter's case, Bowser and Ganon are basically two of the biggest villains from Nintendo and considering that I came into this world during the SNES and N64 days aka the 1990s, it was basically the ultimate question that I had when I grew up and last year it was answered.
I hope for Noel VS Aigis (BlazBlue VS Persona) to be part of Season 4. :D
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The Other Ripley
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Yoshirocks92 wrote: it was basically the ultimate question that I had when I grew up and last year it was answered.

But it wasn't. It's like saying the egg came first because ghosts are real and space aliens fabricated the Holocaust.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:24 pm
the most nostalgic episode would have to be batman vs spiderman, cause is the first one I watched and I grew up with the cartoons

but the most nostalgic based on the characters?
goku vs superman... I know I said I grew up with the batman and spiderman cartoons, but I breathed Dragon ball, watched all the episodes, played all the games, tried to go super saiyan more times than I'm wiling to share, had several toys, had all the movies in vhs (even freaking bio broly was there), I had pretty much anything that had a dragon ball label that I could find
hell, I still have a goku, vegeta and broly figures/toys right here on the side of my computer
if you want to define my childhood as one single thing, that thing is dragon ball

but digimon vs pokemon is a close second
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For me, it'd be Mario vs Sonic, hands down. I grew up with both series being a consistent part of my childhood, and i'd seen multiple animations of the two fighting, so it was generally the matchup I was most familiar with, even if I didn't know all the details. In fact, I'm pretty sure Mario vs Sonic was the matchup that introduced me to Death Battle in the first place.
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