SA Mafia XXXIX Mafia of Futures Past - D9 LYNCH & N9 UPDATE

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Welcome to ScrewAttack Mafia Round XXXIX! I am Abrams, your host! This round is a direct continuation of Round XXV: "Never is Forever", and the second part in a three-part trilogy. The final will be Round XL (40), hosted by Quaetam.

In Never is Forever, the Man in Blue (Johnny) and the last member of the United Nations Intelligence Service task force (Quaetam) stopped the Evil League of Evil, ELoE, from summoning an ancient Demon and destroying the world!

However, the Spoonman and his partner-in-crime Dr. Atomik are still at large, and their plans for world domination are far from over. Spoonman and the Doctor are looking for something, an ancient power that has been lost to the sands of time. The good forces of the world must hunt them down, and put a stop to them once and for all!


GAMEPLAY (How to Play)
Mafia is a game of persuasion and deception, played between an uninformed majority (the Civilians, or the Town) and an informed minority (the Mafia), occasionally involving other factions as well - such as a Survivor or a Serial Killer.

The Civilians, comprising the majority of the players, can only communicate in the thread. Every day, they choose a player to lynch. They win when all the scum players / hostile players have been killed.

The Mafia is a tight-knit group able to communicate in private. Their goal is to outwit the Town by blending in during the day, and causing the Town to lynch innocents while avoiding the noose themselves. Every night, the Mafia can choose one player to kill. They win when they outnumber the Civilians, and take control of the town.

Every player is assigned a role before game start. The game will cycle between Day and Night phases. The Dayphase is the focus of the game: Players will discuss their suspicions in the thread, and “Vote” to lynch. Whoever has the most votes at the end of the Day is eliminated, and their role is revealed.

At Night, only certain players (primarily the Mafia) may talk. The Mafia privately chooses a player to kill (this is known as the “whack”). There will also be individual players on all sides with special actions they can perform at Night. Once the night phase ends, all Night actions will take effect, the whack will be revealed, and the game will enter the next Day.

This continues until one of the factions achieves their win condition, and the game ends!

  1. NO CLUES - There are no clues this game. Same goes for story posts; They are there almost exclusively for flavor, not for dropping hints on player alignments.
  2. No PMing - or any outside contact - unless allowed by your role.
  3. You can’t screenshot your Role PM, or copy/quote anything the game host sends you!
  4. You are expected to be as active as possible. Talk, discuss, make jokes, whatever - just be sure to participate!
  5. Inactivity Rules: You must post every 24 hours, and vote every dayphase. If you fail to post or vote, you may be given a warning. With further offenses you may be subject to replacement or modkill.
  6. Edits: You may edit your posts, but you must keep the original in a spoiler or quote it, and explain how you made the edit (EBWoP / EBWoQ - Edit By Way of Post/Quote).
  7. Narration: When narration refers to a player directly, their name will be bolded. Other names indicate characters in the fluff - either role characters or NPCs!
  8. Dead players cannot communicate, even amongst themselves. This is necessary for game balance purposes.
    Upon death, you may make ONE post not related to the game (E.G. “Go Mafia!”)
  9. Spam: Keep off topic/non-play posting during the game to a minimum. Before the game starts, you may “spam” if you wish, but please don’t overdo it.
  10. Stalking: Do not attempt to follow a player’s outside activity, or use “Who’s Online” for game purposes. Instead, if a player has been inactive, you may request a prod.
  11. Spoiling: Dead players / spectators may not spoil anything about the game. This sort of cheating may result in a complete ban from SA mafia.
  12. Have respect for your other players: Flaming will not be tolerated.
  13. Play to win, but make sure you have fun!
  14. No Hydras… unless you have a VERY specific reasoning and make a good case.
  15. As the game host, I will never lie to you - but be ready to expect the unexpected!

  • At the end of the dayphase, the player with the most votes will be lynched, and their role revealed. Tie Vote = No Lynch.
  • Post your vote in the thread BOLD & UNDERLINED. For example, “Vote: Abrams” You may "VOTE: NO LYNCH / NOBODY”. If this choice is leading at the end of the phase, then no one will be lynched.
  • Not all Power usage is exclusive to the night phases, but are generally private (via PM or Private chat) unless otherwise specified. They are to be used in a similar format to voting (E.G. Kill: Abrams or Protect: Abrams)
  • Dayphases will last at least 72 hours, and Nightphases will last at least 48 hours. Phases end at 9 PM EST (GMT -5).
  • Extensions: Will only be granted upon request (or Host need) and voted on by a majority of the living players. Ultimately up to the discretion of the Game Host.

For the purposes of this game, all role powers will be hidden, only to be revealed upon player death or endgame.

The known Factions and their win conditions are as follows:
  • Civilians; Eliminate all threats (including the Mafia).
  • Mafia; Achieve equal numbers with the civilians to take control.
  • There may be other factions in game, with unique win conditions!

In the case of a tie, the GREATER MINORITY (team with the least amount of people) will win.
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Sweet Tooth's Daddy
Sweet Tooth's Daddy
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Sign-up by posting /IN in the reply to this thread!


1: Homestucklover
2: Aristophanes
3: Beelzebub
4: Lyzerg.Z
5: Ashblade
6: Showzilla
7: Demonus Requiem
8: Leviwulf
9: Honorable Bard
10: MalcolmBelmontS
11: Firehazard51
12: TheMohZone
13: xenos5
14: Grangle
15: TheLousyTactician Fedaykin/Woodyman
16: Dragonlord7
17: Arcturus
18: Mashfan81 Extreme Tactician
19: Metalcyanide
20: Fox
21: Wildman93
22: Blazerxz
23: Shiznita
24: TD260
25: Slingshot24
26. Fanboy


Replacements are always welcome! (Specify "In as replacement" when posting)

Ideal Player Target Cap at 20-25, but is adjustable if it is larger or smaller then that
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Sweet Tooth's Daddy
Sweet Tooth's Daddy
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Ch. 1 - The Great Race [Game Start] - pg. 9
Ch. 2 - Six Days - [Lynch] - pg. 24

Ch. 3 - Ten Minutes - [Night Results] - pg. 25

Ch. 4 - Best Left Forgotten - [Lynch] - pg. 41

Ch. 5 - Everything You Need - [Night Results] - pg. 42

Ch. 6 - Operation Orthrus - [Game Update] - pg. 59
Ch. 7 - Tactalius: The Heist - [Lynch] - pg. 67

Ch. 8 - Tactalius: The Siege - [Night Results] - pg. 67

Chapter 9 - On the Run - [Lynch] - pg. 77

Chapter 10 - The Shattered World - [Night Results] - pg 78

Chapter 11 - Through the Veil - [UPDATE] - pg 89
Chapter 12 - The Tower - [Lynch] - pg 97

Chapter 13 - Keep Talking, and Everybody Explodes - [Night Actions] - pg 97

Chapter 14 - A Second Chance - [UPDATE] - p103
Chapter 15 - The Final Confession - [Lynch] - pg 108

Chapter 16 - A Time for Answers - [Night Results] - pg 108

Chapter 17 - An Offer you can't Refuse - [UPDATE] - pg 111
Chapter 18 - XXXXXXXXXXXX - [Lynch] - pg 116
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Sweet Tooth's Daddy
Sweet Tooth's Daddy
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reserved in case I forget anything else
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/IN [youtube][/youtube]

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Part-Time Alien Buster
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MexicanAnime wrote:"So, my townness makes me cum?" - Ari 2014
Wildman: I shot Aristo dead
Cheetory: Bitch you just got murder killed.
I play lots of Mafia. This is my Wiki
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Damn, no hammer voting?
Anyways: /in.
Whoo, it's been a year since my last game.

Gonna be playing a rather lightweight game thou ('cause I'll be busy starting next week). Hopefully won't have to sub out.

P-EDIT, ohai Ari.
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Well.. I said I'd play for the end of this story for Abrams. After these two games I am donezo.

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Sure, in.

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