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The Anti-Christ, The False Prophet, And The Dragon. . .

Elements of the Christian Apocalypse. But. . . in Zoroastrianism, one day, an evil wizard will rule the world with the protection of a dragon. (Azhi Dahaka, I think). . . All that disobey the wizard receive his curse or the minions from Dahaka's belly. The year was 2006, the world experienced Economic hardship, terrorism had been causing havoc throughout the world, as it still does. People's eyes lingered on the tiny location in Israel/Palestine, as it had for decades, this time, even closer. Through the shadows, sorcerous incantations were spoken where Mankind's most heinous desires found delight. There was a man, his name unknown as of yet, and his feet moved like lightning of the Lord, to deal with one of the men in dark robes, drinking blood from a demonic chalice, running over with the life of young children.

The man's eyes betrayed agony. . . "My son and daughter! They are with Christ now! You! Warlock! Meet your dragon's fangs!" The man, who spoke in an upper class English accent fired his heavy one handed gun, a .45 pistol at the cultist's head, splattering the skull. He turned to face the other blood drinking bastards, firing, doing likewise to their bodies. He mourned over the corpses of his son, David, and his daughter, Stephanie. The Light shined down from Heaven. . . "You sacrificed your children so the world would live. Their end was to begin now, but you chose to preserve the Ark of God from the workers of iniquity. For this act of Love toward God, the world has another generation. Fifty years to prepare for the end. More will turn toward the Light, and more will be saved because of you. You, though a lowly mortal, are now sanctified as a blessed champion of justice."

Charles had to choose towards preventing the Ark of God from falling into the Devil's hands, or preventing the sacrifice of his two children. If the enemy received the Ark, they could have made the falling of the End Times even worse than was intended by God. The sinking of the entire United Kingdom, Ireland and British Isles. It would have meant the deaths of millions of people. Fifty years passed, Charles has told his story to the few who would listen.

The year is 2063, AD. It's Time. There was a one eyed man, with his right eye taken out, speaking to the camera. His body rejected any method restoring eye sight in the right socket, this man was effectionately known as Owen Abrahamson, a joke which became more of a real name for him over the years, out of the Pagan god, Odin's name. He was known as a charismatic, intelligent man, and was well-contacted in the world of both religion and politics throughout the literal world, Earth. He was in charge of the Ecumenical Council of the U.N. Standing beside him were two other figures. One of them, an Italian Pontiff, Pope Elimas, further gave a nod to the Ecumenical Council, though he insisted on Catholicism receiving certain perks, both for reasonable, and clandestine reasons, over other religions. The third man, always smiling, was known as a peace maker between these three friends. An Iranian man, Khalid Shamoun, who represented minorities all over the Middle East and immediately surrounding areas, as well as Pakistan and India. To some extent, even China, since he helped to quiet the Jihadist rebellion, preventing a PR nightmare with the People's Republic of China.

They had just finished another rousing speech, united the world's religion's and nation states together, nearly severing any separation from World Government entirely.

Who digs? More importantly, is it okay with the Terms of Service?

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