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Rising Dragon
Rising Dragon
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Gontron wrote:
Time to uber bump, but uh...

Ty is capable of dodging bullets which are FTL because they hit in 1 frame. Shadow, on the other hand, has trouble dodging a psychic hedgehog, which by the way maxes his speed out at 48 mph if you compare ratios to the animal he's based on. Shadow also has troubling flipping his own car, which is 6 times the size of Ty. Overall, Shadow just couldn't handle the edge...

Lego Obi-Wan vs. Mega Bloks Master Chief

Remember Lego Obi Wan is very old which means he's very weak, Mega Bloks Cheif on the other hand is younger than Obi Wan which means Cheif has the speed, durability and strength advantage. The force won't help Lego Obi Wan against someone who's way faster than him and can blow him to pieces with one punch. The winner is Mega Bloks Master Cheif.

Morty Sanchez vs Izuku Midoriya.
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Sweet Tooth's Daddy
Sweet Tooth's Daddy
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Izuku, using 100% of One for All channels the power into a Detroit Smash, only for Morty to trip and fall on his face, causing Izuku to overshoot and fall off the side of a cliff, unable to survive because he used all his stored energy already.

Dreadpool vs. Spider-Ham
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The Other Ripley
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Spider-Ham has the ability to contradict his very own backstory by reminiscing about his days as a normal pig with his loving aunt despite having actually started out as a spider and his "aunt" not actually being his aunt but a crazy pig who made herself radioactive with an atomic hairdryer and bit him. This obviously means that Peter Porker is capable of messing with the very fabric of time and changing the past just by thinking about it, and can thus prevent Dreadpool's very birth by reminiscing about a comic con without like 50 people cosplaying as him.

Wizeman vs. Wisemon, too obscure. Let's go with this instead.

Snoopy vs. Amaterasu
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