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Sweet Tooth's Daddy
Sweet Tooth's Daddy
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Blatantly robbing this from D2 forums (thanks Atmora~)

Stands are based off this, if you are curious

Using the links provided below, generate a random power for your stand and a name for it;

Generate your Stand's power:
(Use the text listed under Capabilities)

Generate your Stand's name:
(Usese either the band/artist name, song name, or album name from the page you get)


Transmissions From The Satellite Heart

The power to manipulate the plane of emotions -
The user can manipulate the messianic plane of emotion, one of the seven planes of existence. This allows the user to conjure and manipulate emotional energy, control the emotions of oneself and others, replicate and interpret others emotions, and create lifeforms and constructs out of the user's emotions.

Let's see what craziness you can come up with.
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Scavenger Extraordinaire
Scavenger Extraordinaire
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lol i had to try this a few times, its awesome
Caroline, No
grants the power of inheritance
This power allows you to copy the powers of your parents. If one of your parents was an artist, you gain their artistic talents without any practice. If one of your parents was in the Marine Corps you gain their physical endurance without any training. If your parents were superheroes you gain either one or both of their powers.

grants the ability to craft/wield divine weaponry
The user of this ability is able to create and wield any kind of weapon of godlike powers as well as making that weapon the only possible thing in the universe able of wounding them. The weapon can also grant the user special powers of any kind. The weapon can even make him invincible.The weapon can even reach the same level of power of an entity making it possible for the user to hurt an entity.

.....this final one blew my mind
Herman's Hermits
grants the power of inodorosity
The user's body possesses no discernible scent, allowing them to evade users of Enhanced Smell among other things.
so this stand is an odorless hermit? ballin 8-)
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These Shades are Worth More than your Life
These Shades are Worth More than your Life
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Flo Rida
The user is able to incorporate ectoplasm into physical combat, allowing for a a form of fighting that focuses on bypassing defenses and striking the opponent's soul.
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Don't Think, Feel!
Don't Think, Feel!
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Soul-Bound Entity
User is able to spawn, summon or create a creature that is both extension and manifestation, or part of their soul. Each entity is likely to have their own abilities and powers they grant to the user, but these depend on which part of the users soul each creature represents as well as the abilities/power they already have.

Note that since the entity is part of a soul, it is likely to have some level of sentience as well as their own interests and goals that might not be similar to that of the user.

The name and the power work so awesomely well together D:
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I Just Got the Bundle for Free
I Just Got the Bundle for Free
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This ability allows the user to annihilate anything and everything, physical, spiritual, conceptual, metaphysical, even almighty abilities, with no protection nor exception of any kind.

I won't get anything cooler than that.
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Complete. Global. Saturation.
Complete. Global. Saturation.
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Life's Too Short

Grants the power to control skin of oneself or others
As one's skin is the main natural defense of one's physical life, manipulation of one's skin can allow a person to extend or cut off the length of a life. The user could make skin into Organic Constructs. The user may also have skin that heals at an abnormally high speed. The user's skin could be manipulated to any texture to become super abrasive, super slick, or even "sharpen" their fingerprint to make small cuts by just a touch. The user can also induce sweating, acne, or even skin cancer in opponents. The user mainly uses their own skin for this ability painlessly.
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Step it Up!
Step it Up!
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Henkka Seppälä

Elemental Energy Manipulation
Elemental energy is what allows some beings to focus their own life-force energy, or energy from an external force to control their element. In most cases, the user can only harness one innately comparable element as their major power, but may be able to use other elemental energies at a higher level. Some users can use elemental energy directly for offense in similar way how some beings manifest their own life energy.
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List of Lists - Seriously, that's what it's called. When I clicked on the link it directed me to the page containing all the super powers.

Umm...can I try again? :?

If It Makes You Happy
The power to manipulate the love and lust of oneself and others.- User has the power to manipulate all apsects of the love, sexuality and adultery of all people, animals and other creatures, whether increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise chancing lust, even manifesting the emotional energy to physical level. They can even make people and creatures of different species/race fall in love with one another. For example, the user can make people fall in love with animals, and animals fall in love with human being. Aliens will even fall deeply in love with an animal/human if the user uses this power right.

Oh ho ho! Exactly my kind of thing! Maybe I'll just try again though. Third time's the charm. :mrgreen:

Barenaked Ladies
The ability to create armor around the user's body from darkness/shadow.- The user can form armor around their body or a shape it from darkness/shadow for protection and physical boost, often including creation of tentacles to strike their opponents. With training, the user could shape the armor into new forms for weapons, transportation, even constructs of the element.

All I can think about with this power was gimp suit that forms tentacles. :shock:
...I'm starting to think this randomizer has it in for me. -____-
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