Steal the Hat! (It has begun)

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:34 pm
After having my head blown off my body, I lie on the grass, waiting as the Regenerative Healing Factor (Like Wolverine or Deadpool) goes into effect, completely regrowing my body in a measly half hour. I stand up, stretch my new joints, take note that I appear to be a little taller, then run off toward the nearest source of chaos, which happens to be a fat chocobo that smells horrendous. Seeing the hat resting on the head of someone with a gas mask, I instinctively pull out a baseball and a baseball bat. I launch the baseball at the back of the person's head and it hits them, stunning them. I run up to the person, grab the hat and say "Nice Catch, Knucklehead!" I then make a quick getaway before Tomahawk gets a chance to recover.
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Final Jaws
Final Jaws
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Quick had been killed by Abrams X, but luckily he had an extra life and reappeared after pressing start. He went back into Abram's house, picked up the phone and called the cell-phone he had left inside the hat, and said these words:

"I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my hat go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you."

"Good luck" replied the voice on the other end. With that Quickman dashed out of the house. He ran full sprint after Abram's footsteps knowing that they would be the first clue on his way to the hat.

Quick arrived at a small crater, the last place Abrams stood before he was vaporized.
"Hmm...where could it have gone from here." Quick said as he knelt down next to the crater. As he began to look around the scene he found a surprising amount of animal tracks. He began to follow the tracks and found an unconscious Ashblade.

"You!" Yelled Quick. He ran forward and picked up Ashblade by the collar. "You think I'd forget about the doll!" Ash slowly came to and realizing where he was and who he was looking at headbutted Quick as hard as he could.
"You'll regret that." said Quick, raising his fists, preparing for a fight. Ash began sprinting towards Quick and the two began trading blows, punching and counterpunching faster and faster until Quick dodged an uppercut that left Ash susceptible for a split-second. Quick took the opportunity with a knee to the stomach. Quick now had the upper hand and used it to eventually knock Ash out again.
"I just wanted you to know I could do that." Quick said to an again unconscious Ashblade. "I can't wait for you to try again."

Continuing to follow the animal tracks, Quick came to a restaurant. All the people in the restaurant were panicking and running. Quick grabbed one panicked citizen and asked, "What happened here?"
"First some guy got stabbed, then the guy who got stabbed shot off another guy's head," answered the startled citizen.
Quick looked around and saw a decapitated body lying near the entrance, but strangely the head was nowhere to be found.
"Did the man who got stabbed have a hat?" Quick yelled.
"I-I think so. He took it off the decapitated guy's head."
"Which way did he go!?"
The man pointed east, and Quick released the man and began sprinting in pursuit of the hat.

TheFinnishG1 was stuck in the ground laying on his back, having been crushed by a fat Chocobo, when Quickman walked up. Quick looked and saw a recently healed stab wound in TheFinnishG1's chest and realized he must be the man from the restaurant.
"Who has the hat now?" Quick screamed.
"Abrams X took it from me, but who knows who has it now." TheFinnishG1 whispered.
"Which direction did he take my hat?"
"I'm not telling you." replied TheFinn. "That hat is as much mine as it is yours."
"Wrong answer." said Quick as he gave TheFinnishG1 a punch that knocked him out.

As Quick stood up, he saw that TheFinnishG1 was in a large bird-like footprint and once again began following a new set of tracks to the Chocobo's Paradise. The tracks led Quick to a broken glass bottle, a terrible smell, and two new sets of human footprints going in opposite directions. Recognizing one set as Abrams' and putting together that someone had stolen the hat from Abe, Quick began following the other set of prints.

Blazerxz and Tommahawk were standing in a field pointing guns at each other when Quickman strolled up. Quick noticed the hat was resting atop Blazer's head.
"Don't have any witty one-liners now, do ya?" said Tommahawk.
"All you need to know is that I always hit my target, whether it be with a baseball or a gun." replied Blazer.
Quick spit on the ground and took a toothpick out of his pocket. Putting the toothpick in his mouth he said, "You two jokers have no idea what you're in for."
Blazer and Tommahawk instantly took notice of Quick. Tommahawk turned and pointed his gun at Quick.
"Who are you?" he shouted before noticing Blazer still had his gun pointed straight at him. Tommahawk hastily retrained his sight on Blazer and fired as Blazer fired as well. The bullets hit each others gun knocking them both out of their respective owners hands.

Realizing what had happened, Tommahawk looked at the two men around him and said, "This is too much. I need a drink" before walking away.

"Well it looks like it's just me and you now." said Blazer.
"No" replied Quick as he turned and began walking away. "It's just me."
"But I still have the hat!" yelled Blazer who was confused as to what was going on.
"Do you?" said Quick. As he said this Blazer put his hands on top of his head to make sure the hat was still there, which it was.
"I don't get it" said Blazer to himself. Before he was done speaking those words, he heard a beeping noise and looked down to find a bomb sitting at his feet.
"HOW DARE Y-" Blazerxz yelled before the sound of his voice was overshadowed by the resulting explosion.

Quickman continued walking, not looking back at the awesome explosion behind him. After a few seconds, he stopped and looked up as the hat slowly fell out of the sky, right onto his head.

"Finally" he said satisfied, before continuing walking.

The First ain't the Worst
The First ain't the Worst
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:09 pm
I walk past quickman and snatch the hat off his head as he walks away satisfied.
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Press X to Hug Family
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*goes into bar, orders a drink and starts telling his story to a man behind the counter. One of the patrons overhears bits of the ongoing story and joins in on listening to it, then another patron does the same, and another. And so hours go on, drinks change and whole bar is listening to this crazy story. When suddenly one of the patrons asks*
Patron: What does it look like?
Tommahawk: It is a very special hat. *as he begins describing the hat, Tommahawk notices Jom through the window* But you know what? I'd better show you. It is THE HAT and that guy has it now *points at Jom. All the people in the bar run after Jom*
Tommahawk (to himself): Who what in blue blazes was that? *notices the barman isn't around* Awesome. *Grabs a bottle of scotch. And wanders out. Jom is knocked out cold by the mob and all of them are frantically fighting for the hat now. Tommahawk is casually strolling away from the bar and notices the hat below his feet* I better keep it hidden if I don't want to join that poor sod. *Walks away a couple of blocks, cracks open a bottle and puts on a hat* Got the hat, avoided bar tad AND scored some free booze. It looks like the day is picking up
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Final Jaws
Final Jaws
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After waking up from ANOTHER fight with Quickman I'm getting really pissed off now, and something inside my snaps, turning my left pupil a glowing red. With a smirk I begin to walk into the path where I expected Quickman to go.

Eventually I end up seeing him walk down the path acting satisfied... without the hat on. He probably still didn't realize his hat was stolen from him yet. Oh well, more satisfaction for me. I go behind a tree and prepare an explosive shot with a gun I had, figuring that while the magic spells I was using were fun... Quickman deserved a bit more than a few flashy skills. I then poke out my head, letting Quickman see the eye. Unnerving him for a bit, he then realizes it is probably me again and then throws some boomerangs to get me out of hiding... too bad I decide to 'borrow' my namesake... and disappear like a phantom for a few seconds.

Quick after a few moments decides to look and see if I had been hit or ran from the tree, since there didn't seem to be any way for me to escape... when I decide to return to the realm of the living and grab him, putting the gun to his head.

"Payback's a bitch, isn't it?" I smirk before squeezing hard enough to make him pass out, and then shoot him in the leg with the gun before moving on.

I move across someone leaving a bar and quite the fight. I pay no attention for a while before it hits me. HE HAD THE HAT!

Tommahawk realized too that I was probably going to attack him and began to run away, but I then just aim my gun and fire, and at the dead end of the gunshot's range it explodes and knocks Tommahawk to the ground, badly injured. I walk over slowly to him and pick up the hat cleanly from his head before taking a few doll strings I had on me and tying him up so he couldn't bother me.

Finally satisfied I then head off into a forest to lose my soon to be pursers, one of which would probably be Quickman even if I had lost the hat before then... again.
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Step it Up!
Step it Up!
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I come into the forest riding a T-rex. I crash in, steal the hat, and ride off. Once I've escaped I place a robot double and a fake copy of the hat loaded with explosives on the dinosaur. I then place booby traps all across My trail and stroll off with the real hat.
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Complete. Global. Saturation.
Complete. Global. Saturation.
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As waluigi emerges from the forest, looking back and grinning from ear to ear, he turns around... to run right into a knuckled fist! I glide past at lightning speed, hat in my other fist. I land in the nearest tree, put the hat on my head, and continue jumping from tree to tree, keeping a watch out for others who may want to take it.
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You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die
You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die
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After being knocked out for a while by Quickman, Finn wakes up a little confused. He's lying on a giant bird's footprint without any memory of what happened. All he remembers is the hat, and some weird-looking robot guy asking him something about it. After realizing he's fully fit, he starts to look for clues about the whereabouts of the hat.

He finds several footprints, but just as he's about to follow one of the trails, he sees a flash of bright red in the corner of his eye. It seems it came from the nearby forest, as if some creature jumped from tree to tree. Curious to find out what sort of creature is so fast and agile, Finn decides to follow the flashes of red to the woods.

After a day of trying to find the creature, he happens to notice something red high up in the tree in some distance. After looking through binoculars, he sees Grangle admiring something in his hands. After a closer look, Finn realises it's the one and only Hat. And he has to get the Hat.

Without wanting to draw attention to himself and risk Grangle seeing him, Finn takes out a sniper rifle, carefully aims at Grangle and shoots at him. But Grangle, being so agile, notices the bullet flying at him and manages to avoid it hitting him in the head. But the bullet still manages to scratch him in the left shoulder, making him lose balance and falling off the tree. Using every curseword possible, Finn runs where Grangle fell down, just to see a T-Rex with a shitton of explosives on it's back running at the same location. And Grangle just happens to fall right on the T-Rex, creating a massive explosion.

After the smoke has cleared, Finn doesn't see a sign of Grangle or that T-Rex. But he finds the hat. And with a relieved sigh, he grabs the hat and decides to run as far as he can, so that no-one could get his hat from him.
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The First ain't the Worst
The First ain't the Worst
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While the Finnish g1 is running, Flashpenny flattens him with an 18-wheeler and takes the hat off of his body.
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An Empty Quote
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After being blown up (and surviving the explosion because I pulled out a Invincibility Star at the last second) I stop to ponder my next move. I go to my hidden cavern fortress (Similar to the Batcave) and look over my tools to acquire the hat. I make a decision and put on my Iron Man Armor. Flying out of the cave, I try to locate where the hat is. The first thing I notice is the unconscious Jomaravar outside of a bar, presumably on the receiving end of a bar brawl. Continuing along, I fly past an unconscious Quickman and Tomahawk struggling to undo what appears to be some time of binds. Flying into the forest, I notice Waluigi lying the ground, two small indents in his face. I increase my thrusters and soar over a still smoking crater in the ground, obviously the product of an explosion of some sort. Continuing on, I see TheFinnishG1 flattened on the ground. I continue down the road until I see an 18-wheeler come into view. I fly at max speed over it until I'm well ahead of it. Turning around, I ready some Repulsor blasts and fire them at the front of the truck when it comes into view again, this time the truck coming towards me. Flashpenny barely has time to react as the two lasers bast through the front of the truck and hit the gas tank and engine, blowing up the vehicle. As the massive explosion incinerates the truck, the seemingly indestructible hat flies upward and I fly up to recover it.

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