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PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:31 pm
Hey everyone! Just wanted to go over a few guidelines for posting in this sub-forum, since most topics get locked or deleted here. We don't want to do that, so let's go over a few things before you post a topic here.

No question topics please.

I'll be making a topic and stickying it soon There is a topic that has been stickied just to ask or answer questions about James' work, the AVGN series, or other misc. questions relating to Cinemassacre or AVGN. So post your questions, or answers to questions, in that thread once it's stickied now.

Notify mods or admins about new show topics.

To avoid an overload of the same topics, please contact a moderator or administrator to post a new "AVGN [insert game reviewed name here] Discussion." Therefore, we won't see a lot of the same thing. If there are multiple threads about the same thing, and we happen to lock yours, it's not because we have a vendetta against you. Just had to pick and choose!

Absolutely no "he should review this" topics

There's a discussion that is/was specifically for this kind of thing. If it got lost with the pHpbb conversion, I'll start a new one for the fans. But to request a game for the AVGN to review, please post it in the specified thread please.

Thank you, and happy posting. :)


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