AVGN - E.T. on Atari 2600! *MOVIE SPOILERS*

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Sweet Tooth's Daddy
Sweet Tooth's Daddy
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PostPosted: Thu May 08, 2014 6:44 am
*Haven't seen the movie yet, and don't want it spoiled? *Haven't seen the movie yet, and don't want it spoiled? Check here for all movie related information including how to watch it!*

Most Major Plot Spoiler(s) occur from 6:25 to 6:35, so skip that to avoid them

A great video for those that want to see the review but didn't want to purchase the movie (though why wouldn't you, slackers?~ Show your support!)
After seeing the movie and seeing some of the other various games out there, I'll agree that E.T. isn't the worst game of them all, but I still think it's pretty bad. Still an enjoyable "episode"!
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Best Backpack Ever
Best Backpack Ever
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...and yet, people will buy copies of this game for $1,000...
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PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2016 3:21 pm
The game isn't really all that bad compared to some other ones he's played.
I mean, I still think Big Rigs and Superman 64 were far worse than this.

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