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Hi everyone. Yup, the newbie on the block. No worries, won't dwell on that. I'm a content creator currently running a YouTube Channel called Channel Metal Geek, where I pretty much talk about all the things I love. Some of my stuff is scripted, some is improved, and some is a little of both. I tend to focus largely on gaming, retro and modern (though retro gaming does gather a little more attention from me). The idea of this forum appeals to me greatly. I'm looking forward to posting here and checking out all of the user created content already posted by you guys. :D

To make this easy and to make sure my video postings don't overrun the forum, I'm going make all of my video posts in this one thread.

The first video I'm going to post of mine, just to give you an idea of what I put out there for content, is a video I did about five months back about where I think Zelda: Breath of the Wild places in the Zelda Timeline. While I do have videos as new as only a few days ago, this video I think is a good place to start:

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