Linelight, the minimalist 2D puzzle game

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Hey, friends!

I spoke with Fox and he said it would be okay if I posted in here about the game I'm working on!

I'm the community manager for the minimalist 2D puzzle game Linelight. Linelight was single-handedly created by developer Brett Taylor, where he labored for countless hours to reduce a puzzle game to its basic elements. Removing or changing any one element from any of the game's puzzles would essentially break that puzzle and make it unsolvable, but with over 300 puzzles in the game, you'll have plenty of variety to traverse through.

Linelight sees you guiding a little dash of light (aptly named Dash) through the game's 300 puzzles, but Brett is constantly working to both improve and expand the game, so you'll be seeing new modes added in the future!

Here's a short trailer for Linelight that features Brett's original music (as does the rest of the game).

We've already launched on Steam and PlayStation 4 (North America only for now), but are coming soon to PS4 in Europe and Xbox One.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about the game or to hear your thoughts if you've already played it!

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