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I haven't played the game myself and don't particularly intend to (literally can't, lol, it got pulled from Steam) and the game isn't exactly widely adored, but from my limited knowledge of the game, I still see quite a lot to discuss, especially the endings.

In fact, there's so much to discuss about the endings, that pretty much the rest of this post will be in spoiler form. Note, however, that all my knowledge of the endings comes from a video of said endings and nothing more, so I may be missing a lot of context.

It's all nice and fun to complain about the whiny Scott Hawthon ending, but if there's really any ending that stuck out to me was the Chipper ending...though I'm not sure if it did for a very good reason. I'll admit, I think it was pretty clever of Hawthon to incorporate a character from a previous project of his whose criticisms inspired FNAF in the first place. See, FNAF World really IS a happy, jolly world...and going by Chipper's dialogue, it seems that the player has gone out of his way to make that not the case, in a desperate effort to get the proper FNAF experience.

Apart from the Jumpscare attack, it's the only direct reference I've seen to the main FNAF games, when Chipper talks about him being the one sharpening his teeth on your bones instead of Freddy. His model is also the only thing that looks like it came straight from a FNAF game, while everything else looks as jolly as its original designs allow.

The thing is...let's recap here. There are aspects of one of the dev's previous projects that inspired the game here. There's a character calling you out on your cruelty, which was done in an effort just to finally feel something, to get what you expected from the game you bought...is it just me, or does this all sound a little familiar?

Still, though, I wouldn't mind at all if FNAF fans would stop apologizing for the Scott Hawthon ending. FNAF fans are annoying but I've never heard of them causing an uproar for a sequel or anything.
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