Please Help me find some fun games on my Ipad

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Faithful g1
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:55 am
So a friend of mine bought a new Ipad last year and gave me her old one an Ipad mini and I've been trying to find some games to play on the go (Train, Bus, Subway, etc.) and I've had a handful major problems:

1. A ridiculous amount of availible games, I don't have time to downlaod and test all the hgames that look cool

2. The majority of these games are garbage or could barely even be called games, I'd call them timer simulators (ie. Clash of Clans or Tiny Tower, the latter I though might be like Sim Tower)

3. Alot of the better ones like Hearthstone and Loot&Legends require an internet connection...Hearthstone makes sense for multiplayer but i don't get why you cant play offline against the AI, Loot and Legends is a single player card/tactics game which has no right requiring a net connection. The worst part is most games don't specify this which is no biggie for F2P games but its making me really gunshy about buying anymore games

4. The ipad mini struggles to run alot of the games.

5. Despite the fact thats it's a mobile platform alot of the games require your full attention like action RPGs or Tower Defense, it might just be me but I have to do alot of transferring during my commutes/weekend trips which means stuff like action rpgs are a no go and turn based stuff is golden.

6. Anything that uses "motion controls" do not react well to well constantly moving.

Anyways here's the list of games i've tried on my ipad categorized quickly&roughly (note: some have crashing issues due to the mini's weak hardware, most of the "awesome" require a net connection)

Awesome: Hearthstone, Loot&Legends, , Final Fantasy Dimensions, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Choice of the Dragon, Crimson: Steam Pirates, Tinkerbox, Plague Inc.

Good but clunky/attention requiring: Minecraft,Kotor 1/2, Legend of Grimrock, Terraria, Action RPGs, Tower Defense, Don't Starve, Baldur's Gate Enhanced 1&2

Meh: Beast Bound, Hero Academy, RAD Soldiers, Flockwork, Papers Please, Angry Birds,

Loathe: Bad Nerd, Clash of Clans (and its clones), Fallout Shelter, Anything "Arcade-like", Tetris (and it's clones like Candy Crush), FNAF,

Lastly assuming my Ipad Mini can handle these games here's a list of game I'm thinking of buying but haven't due to previously mentioned hardware issues and fear of net connection requirements. (and partially holding off cause some of these games i already own on steam but are more suited to a portable platform)

Planning to buy: Banner Saga, Any Telltale game, FTL, World of Goo, Revolution 60, maybe some ports/remakes like FF or Dragon Quest.

So yeah hopefully that gives you a good enough idea of what I'm looking for so I can get some suggestions of some games to download (free or pay doesn't matter).
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Scavenger Extraordinaire
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If you like fallout I'd say get Fallout shelter.
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Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. It doesn't have pretty much any of the issues you're talking about except needing an internet connection the first time you boot it, I believe for DRM reasons. After that, though, you're good to go. I have an iPad mini and it has no problems running the game whatsoever.
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Faithful g1
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If you like Pokemon, a good mobile alternative is Terra Monsters. Though a lot simpler with different play mechanics, it doesn't require internet and is pretty engaging. If you don't like Pokemon "clones", then don't get this.
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