[SURVEY] Best Pokemon Game by Generation

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Faithful g1
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Hello everyone, long time G1 but new forum member here.

We all know that the gen 3 remakes are coming out next month, but I had a question the other day; Which main series Pokemon game is undoubtedly the greatest? And surely all the games have redeeming features, but which one stands out on top in which category?

The question is simple; by category, which Pokemon game is the best? Here is the link to the survey.


Keep in mind I will post this survey to multiple sites to get a broad range of answers. Who knows, I may even write an article on Screwattack to share my results and my personal favorites? May the best game win!
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You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die
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HeartGold & SoulSilver, duh. The original Red & Blue come close, though.
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Faithful g1
Faithful g1
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We'll have to see what the results are :). I really want to do a blog post on this, I hope enough people respond!
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These Shades are Worth More than your Life
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Filled the form, but I might as well post my answers here and add my reasonings:

Best Visuals
As much as I love Gen II visuals because I'm a sucker for GBC and NES graphics, I picked Gen V. They sacrificed the the amount of content for great visuals, and it really shows. I also prefer sprites over 3D models.

Best Audio
I think Gen II had the best music tracks, but HG/SS wins for not only having great remakes of said tracks, but also including pretty much all the original versions of said songs, although they do sound a bit different through DS' speakers than they did through the GBC speakers.

Best Story
This was hard, mainly because all the stories have been kind of shit. Gen I & II don't have much story, except defeating the mafia/yakuza of the Pokémon world, which is kind of cool I guess. Team Aqua and Magma are both just down right stupid with their goals and Ghetsis' plan was overly convoluted and stupid for what he wanted to accomplish. Cyrus' plan was kind of dumb as well, but I actually kind of like it because Cyrus was a legitimately crazy person, so it at least made sense. Not sure about Gen 6 since I haven't played them yet, but I'm not expecting much from them.

In the end, I'm going with Gen II. It was a bit more down to earth than everything after Gen III, and it was nice to see a team you'd already destroyed in a previous game, attempting to rise back on its feet.

Best Puzzles
I don't really like many of the puzzles in Pokémon games. It's always just pushing rocks, finding keys, or pushing the right switches. Those puzzles that granted you access to Ruins of Alph in Gen II were something a bit different, so I guess that'll win for me? That braille text puzzle in Gen III was also something different, and I really like it in retrospect, but I'd already lost the game manual by the time I reached that point in the game, so fuck that puzzle.

Best Pokémon
Gen I, no contest. I just think that a lot of them look more 'natural' than more recent Pokémon, which I like. I dunno, it's kind of hard for me to explain it better than that.

Best Connectivity
Never really was much into multiplayer Pokémon. While I do have most memories of utilising the connectivity of Gens I & II, I'm going to have to give this to Gen IV, just on the basis of it making connectivity to other games so much easier, and it connects to more (main series) games than the others.

Best Metagame
Don't give a rat's ass about competitive Pokémon. Skip!

Best Difficulty
I remember having a hard time in Platinum in a few places when I first played it. It's been a really long time though since I last played through the entire thing, so it could be that I was just bad back then. The other games haven't been that hard though, except for maybe the final fight in HG/SS. Possibly also the hard mode in Gen V, but I haven't tried it out yet, so Platinum it is.

Overall Best New Additions
Gen II. Kind of an unfair question since Gen II had the advantage of being the second games, and to be honest, Gen I left a lot to be improved mechanics-wise. The new Pokémon were still almost on par with Gen I, although I still like Gen I Pokéms better.

Best Nostalgia Factor
Gen I probably. Gen II gets pretty close, and the remakes also as an extension, obviously, but Gen I still gives me the most feels when I play it.

Overall Best Pokemon Generation
Without the remakes, this'd be Platinum, followed closely by Gen II, but considering that HG/SS gives you the best of both worlds... Yeah, the answer is obvious. There are a few things in G/S/C that I prefer over HG/SS, but the remakes improved had 2 generations worth of improvements over the originals that those don't make much of a difference to me.

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