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Faithful g1
Faithful g1
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ravenclaw11 wrote:
cruelladyvill wrote:
ravenclaw11 wrote:The Room, Crossy Road, Battle Cats, Honeyday Blitz 2

Dude, you play Honeyday Blitz? What episode are you currently playing? How do you get past episode 69? I am stuck. Will appreciate your help. :)

And to answer the thread (lol, sorry for the short commercial), I play HDB2 (as mentioned), Gun Fu: Stickman 2 and Smash.

Aaaw, I haven't reached that level yet. I'm on episode 53. I got busy so I had to temporarily stop. You're the one who should be teaching me tricks! ;)

53 is a bit hard but the next episode is easier.. well, at least for me. You can do it! And use magic items if you have to!
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Squall's a Wuss
Squall's a Wuss
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I've been playing a lot of Hungry Shark Evolution even though it's bullshit. I feel like it'll get more fun once I unlock a big enough shark. The Great White can eat jellyfish, which would make things a lot easier...
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Robber in Training
Robber in Training
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Just got tired of playing Clash of Clans...So now I'm looking for other games to play.. Any suggestions?

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Trying to keep into Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and Metal Slug Attack, to little success.
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