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Shinigami Admin
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 10:56 am
There is a dire need to put out this warning.

We at Screwattack are a fairly friendly bunch, and you may very well befriend a good handful of our staff, but I'd like for everyone on this site to heed what I'm stating very clearly:

No matter who your friends are on this staff, this does not give you the permission to act like a complete idiot on this forum and get away with it. If you think typing "lol ban evading due to being a friend of an admin" or "lol spamming like a moron cause I'm special friends with a mod/admin" or "I'm so special I can do wahtever I want I'm the king of this forum" is okay than this ones for you, and let me tell you it's not, and if I catch you I will warn you and if I have to warn you 3 times you're getting banned. Certain people know exactly who I'm thinking about when I state this.

So without further ado:
Stop using the forum as an AIM conversation.
Stop making pointless redundant posts.
Stop using the same joke over and over again for every single post you can.
Stop thinking it's funny to post the same picture in every thread in one section.
Stop thinking that you have to reply to everything and anything anybody ever says all the time.

We try to make this as free from severe strict rule as possible, but when anybody gets an inch here you take a mile. I like you all, but if you want to screw around then it gets serious and I'm tired of screwing around.

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