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Come on, Get Serious!
Come on, Get Serious!
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2016 7:19 pm
So, I just came home from Austin and enjoyed two conventions in one weekend. This thread is for your own personal review of both SGC and RTX. Here's mine.


Playing games were fun especially with Rocket League and Rock Band 4.
Andre kicking ass at the Amiibo Cockfight.
Screw Attack beating Kinda Funny.
Restaurants around the hotel.
Vendors at the ACC.
Sex Swing Animated Series announced at the Funhaus Panel.
Delicious root beer mug.


No Screw Attack events on Sunday.
Going back and forth between three places.
Long line for badge pick up.
Low turnout at the Death Battle panels.
No big names at the con this year.
Marriott elevators sucked.
Nothing at the Hilton besides the panels.
Too many fighting games at SGC.
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Faithful g1
Faithful g1
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2016 8:51 pm
I agree with you on most of that list. Elevators did suck and them requiring a room key was a pain in the ass if you were sharing a room with a few people.

My only other big complaint would be how close together a lot of the panels were. I had to skip ScrewAttack vs Kinda Funny because I just needed to grab a bite to eat, plus the queue was insane.

Other than that though it was a fantastic experience for me considering it was my first year.
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Seal Fodder
Seal Fodder
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:41 pm
I was afraid SGC would effectively be assimilated into RT, but as that wasn't the case I'll do them separately. Ready for rambling?

RTX Pros:
-The Vendor/Exhibition Hall- A great thing, the only thing that would have been nicer would have been more room in the aisles.
-The Game Stage in said hall- A lot of entertaining gameplay, surprised that I stopped to watch on a few occasions.
-Organization- All things considered, props to RT managing this all. The Guardians were generally helpful, and it was nice to see a few SGC vets AT SGC.
-Cosplayers- I got pics from ACC and the JW, all of them were cool, and I can't say I saw a truly bad costume all weekend. Half-ass yes, bad not really. Much like the guy who was Ganon back in 2013, the guy who went as a Gundam gets a ton of props from me. I'm crazy, and I wouldn't walk around in a suit that acts like insulation in this weather.
-Carmageddon- Stupid, Gory, Rediculous, and hella fun.

RTX Cons:
-The Costs- Firstly, the entire event was barely worth the weekend pass. Had it not been for me actually socializing with people (most of which had no clue what SA or SGC was), I may have completely given up on it entirely. Then there's everything AT the convention and I'm glad I brought $20s because I'd have been screwed otherwise. IIRC shirts were $25-30. One piece of pizza and a soda, though decent, were over 10 bloody bucks!
-The Feel- It felt like a bog standard convention. Few times did I hear about RT itself, it was pretty much everything associated independently. Good for SA I guess, but I didn't get much of a communal feel. To relate it to something else, it was like an auto show. Go here for your thing, go there for your thing, end. There's thousands of events that are the same way, I was hoping for something more.
-Timing- Who thought it a good idea for the main section to close before the sun went down, and just when SGC was getting good...though typing it out I might can see why now.

SGC Pros:
-Angel's Return- I had neven met Angel, simply missing him on the Saturday in 2013 and him being in Korea for 2014. I now fully understand why he is the Director of Awesomness.
-Dedicated spaces- The Arcades got some, the consoles got some, and SGC generally went about on it's own.
-Focus on SA stuff- 2014 was my previous experience, and while SGC was obviously there, it felt like it had a bunch of detracting bits hanging off, like an axe in someone's head. This felt more ScrewAttack focused by a lot.

SGC Cons:
-Amount of space- Having separate space is one thing, but the relatively tight confines were made worse when RTX closed for the night.
-Selection of games- Over half the games in the hall were fighters, which I not only don't really like but I'm also god awful at. I do get that a majority of successful cabinet games are fighters but still. Having a number of racing games was a surprise and I'll leave it at that because I can pick nits on that all night. In the game room, it was a LOT of shooters, an number of fighters, one dance game, and the first instance of Rock Band 4 I have ever seen being played, of which I heard no one really talk about if they played it. Again, pretty much expected.
-Timing- The second half of the early RTX end, especially on Friday. Maybe it's because I wasn't willing to wait in line for two fucking hours to get a mediocre seat, but I happened to end up between about 10 people in the back who not only didn't care about what was going on, but proceeded to carry on conversation so loudly I couldn't hear the speakers. I didn't even bother with MPAD.

Austin Pros:
The city made up for the luls in interest I had. Walking for block around the host city seems to be a tradition of my own now, and there were plenty of sights and eats to keep me occupied. If you didn't go to it this year and you do go next year, GO TO GUS'S CHICKEN! Trust me, it was the most time I'd ever spent eating chicken and it wasn't because of waiting. Driving in town also wasn't what I'm used to. It's like they don't expect everything to do what they demand that instant, AKA how the DFW region drives all the time.

Austin Cons:
The JW wasn't worth it, end of story. $250 a night and you don't include basic internet or parking? Bollocks to that. Beyond the JW, all but Gus's was more than ideal, though it was somewhat expected. Sixth street wasn't what I thought it would be. I-35 inbound...fuck...that...shit.
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