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Come on, Get Serious!
Come on, Get Serious!
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:04 pm
How was SGC this year? Was it good? Bad? Better than other years? What should happen next year to improve it? Here's my review:


The Opening Ceremony
The Arcade Machines
Indie Heaven
Mountain Dew Sampling
Food Trucks (Better food than what the hotel staff made)
Bigger Venue
Kinda Funny
Amiibo Cock Fight
Rooster Teeth
DBZ Cast Panel
Death Battle
Jon St. John's Roast


The DBZ cast autograph debacle in which people had to choose to stay at the DBZ cast panel to watch a clip of DBZ: Resurrection F or leave early to get into the autograph line. People who watched the clip were immediately denied access to the autograph session. There was a VIP member who flipped out when he couldn't get in and lashed out at the staff because he spent $250 for the trip and VIP badge.
The console room wasn't special this year especially if you're NOT into fighting games. We need more variety in this area.
GamerGate flame war on the arcade machine between the two sides.
The majority of the DB audience being pro-Goku which put immense pressure on Wiz and Boomstick.
A kid dressed as toddler Gohan and a guy dressed as Ganondorf being robbed in the Cosplay Contest.
Long lines.
Not being able to compete in today's game show because no one told us that the host would go along the line and randomly select the contestants. I guess it's not too bad since I've already been to Australia four times. :lol:
Some of the volunteers were rude.
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Robber in Training
Robber in Training
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 4:57 am
The Jon St. John Roast topped anything SGC has ever done in my mind.
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Robber in Training
Robber in Training
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:11 pm
I'm partially awake when writing this, but I have many thoughts to address about SGC. Most are good, but there were definitely some important cons to take note of for next year.

+Embassy Suites was awesome!
+Vendor Room: Great merchandise this year as always!
*+The food variety + Stonebriar Mall
+The gaming/g1 Community, guests and volunteers
+The Opening Ceremonies: The tribute to Iwata, the return of Angel as DoA, etc.
+DYKG? Quiz
*+ScrewAttack VS Mega64
*+Amiibo Cock Fight (at the expense of losing my Villager to Shaun's execution)
+The Dex!
*+Cosplay Contest (the panel itself)
*+Late Night Roast of Jon St. John
+Cosplay Armor and Pop Making
+Super Bear Bros. - Kaizo III
+How To Win The YouTube Game
+Game Theory (Panel)

*The Completionist Power of Fun 3
*Death Battle!
*Craig's Game Show of Awesomeness
*Game Theorists Autograph Session
*Cosplay Contest - pre-show

*-DBZ Panel + Autograph Session Mishap
-The lines getting too long or crowded
-The show floor's room and space
-Majority of panels were late for their start time

OVERALL: A solid "B+". Would suggest a different facility for the con floor, but I know picking the right space isn't easy. If nothing else, I wouldn't mind coming back to the Embassy Suites unless they hotel people didn't like us after this weekend.

---Extended thoughts----

*The food variety + Stonebriar Mall: The food selection was excellent, better than last year. Having the trucks, the tiny food stand on the floor and the mall's food court gave a lot of choices for food.

*Completionist Panel - I wanted to attend this, and in a way, I did. Unfortunately, I did not expect the Panel Room to be smaller in comparison to the Main Stage. Jirard's panel had to reject almost 300 people. The staff moderated the doors they opened for us. We couldn't get in, but we could watch. For the panel itself, the Smash themed competition was fun, and a more unique take to the game challenge he hosts each year.

*ScrewAttack VS Mega64 - One of the best parts of the con is getting to see these two groups battle it out, and this one was through the roof. All the Texas bashing got a little too much for me, being a Texas resident, but I didn't mind it so much since it's all for fun. This type of panel is typically scripted and I know the humor ScrewAttack and Mega64 tend to play around with.

*Amiibo Cock Fight - The exposition tournament was well done, and with the special guests. I was the guy who entered with Villager, ultimately murdered by the end. But I had a ton of fun, it was a very entertaining competition overall. It was a great idea for a panel and the crowd seemed have enjoyed it. My best take from this was the memories we all shared from the wins/loses of each player with their amiibo.

*PBG - Panel was fun to watch for a bit, but I couldn't sit down for a 1 hour Q & A panel. That's just me though, since I've attended most of PBG's panels in the past, so the QA stuff (for any panelist I've seen before) doesn't interest me as much as it use to.

*DBZ Panel + Autograph session - This was hell. Trying to get in the panel was bad enough, and I couldn't attend since I had cosplay pre-judging. So I tried to go to the autograph session as consolation. To my surprise, I got in, but not everybody did, and that's where it sucks the most. Apparently, there were no lines allowed to be made before 4pm, when it was suppose to start. But people were hanging around, and with every right to. We had plenty of space in the room to get in line, but a lot of people got rejected. Some were event threatened to be revoked of their con badges. To my belief, I'm pretty sure the 300-400 of people who wanted to get an autograph, only 100 got in before they closed the doors. Truthfully, I feel bad for the fans, the volunteers/staff, the DBZ cast and all the attendees for having to go through this. Having all those people in the con floor was potentially hazardous for the facility. Plus, I especially feel for those who didn't even want to go to the autograph or panel sessions. Not everyone is a DBZ fan, so I feel some people were treated unfairly in some avenues.

*Cosplay Contest - For those who don't know, everyone one of us in the contest had been moving around to get in line for the event, and all the pre-judged and non pre-judged competitors got mixed up. The staff did the best they could to get everyone in order. It was pretty chaotic. They're troopers for getting us prepared. Also, the guy who was Ganondorf wasn't able to get pre-judged so he couldn't compete for the top 3 prizes. He had a great costume made, and I feel bad that he got robbed from that.

*Death Battle! - Boooy was that a crazy panel to get in to. But the best thing the con did was have it monitored from the outside so everyone could watch. That's what I did, and made it very convenient for me and others. The fans got pretty hyped up, but the Superman VS Goku chants got old for me. Not my cup of tea, to be honest, but I'm not one to take away the fun for others.

*Late Night Roast of Jon St. John - Freaking hilarious, loved watching every minute of it. Didn't know what to expect, but this was one of the most unique panels I've watched at a convention. The host and guests were great, and of course John, too. I'm going to show the recording of the panel to people once it's posted.

*Game Theory - autograph session and panel - I've already got my autographs from Game Theory a year ago, so this didn't really interest me. But I'm glad those who got to meet them enjoyed the occasion. Although I heard the lines were insane, almost as DBZ? Can someone confirm this for me, or explain what occurred? The panel was fun to watch as well, since I'm a fan of trivia. It seemed like everyone who wanted to attend was able to.

*Craig's Video Game Show - Great panel, and a near perfect way to end the con. It was better than how last year ended, to be honest. The prizes were incredible, especially with the amazing generosity from ScrewAttack and RoosterTeeth. The only gripe I had was that I wish this wasn't the very last thing to happen at the con, since I feel that a Closing Ceremony was more true to home. I like how that worked for SGC 2013, since it did feel like a last time to touch base with the attendees before we all went our separate ways.

*Dave & Busters After Party - Awesome stuff. Lots of fun. Definitely a must attend event. The only problem I heard around was that most people couldn't get a VIP ticket for the party room. Anyone could still attend D&B but you had to pay to get into the room. Hope next time people can get a ticket without trouble. It did feel like there could have been more people, but I enjoyed partying with all who came!
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Come on, Get Serious!
Come on, Get Serious!
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 11:25 pm
Anyone else?
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Robber in Training
Robber in Training
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Chocoroko wrote:*The food variety + Stonebriar Mall: The food selection was excellent, better than last year. Having the trucks, the tiny food stand on the floor and the mall's food court gave a lot of choices for food.

I will definitely second this, as I am a mall aficionado. I will also throw in my hat to Wild Pitch!
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You Crack Me Up, Little Buddy
You Crack Me Up, Little Buddy
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I would suggest finding some volunteers who know basic first aid/cpr and having them staged in high traffic areas. I was in line for the Completionist and a young kid had a seizure. None of the volunteers knew what to do. It was fortunate that an EMT was close by. I asked a few people after the incident and they said the kid was okay afterwards.
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These Shades are Worth More than your Life
These Shades are Worth More than your Life
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I wasn't at the scene but I did catch some of the panels events streamed live as well as the recordings of the others. I know that live events are pretty much always bound to have some technical problems, but there were a LOT of audiovisual problems, which made the con considerably less entertaining to watch.

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- Awesome hotel. Open bar and free breakfast were awesome. Very nice rooms and not as complicated as the Sheraton. The hotel was also in a great location so there was plenty of food options nearby. Glad this hotel may host SGC for the next few years.

- Awesome sense of community. The real reason I come to SGC. Hanging out and playing arcade games until the wee hours of the morning with your friends is an awesome time.

- Fun new panels. Stuttering Craig's Game Show and the Amiibo Cock Fight were fun new additions.


- Dave and Busters afterparty. Props to Kevin, James and Trevor for organizing it. ScrewAttack should make this an official event and advertise the hell out of it.

- Getting to meet Jon St. John and Super Best Friends Play was amazing.


- Panels starting late. A ten minute or so delay is okay but up to an hour is not cool.

- Some of the arcade machines were in poor condition or not working at all. They really need volunteers who know how to fix them.

- Little kids. Some of them were super bratty and obnoxious and was making me wish SGC was an 18+ event.

- The hotel really needs a better Wi-Fi set up. Being that I'm from Canada I can't use my cell phone for data and only having one computer with free internet was not good. I understand that having free Wi-Fi would mean the service would get hammered with the sheer amount of people there but I would at least appreciate an SGC discount or something.

All in all SGC is always an awesome time and the best weekend of the year bar none! This was my 3rd year going and while I'm not 100% I can make it next year I'm gonna try.
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