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Best Backpack Ever
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Another year, another SGC. Since I hadn't seen one yet I figured I'd start the conversation about what went well and what could be done better about this year, so that any future SGCs are that much better.

Things that were great:
1. The G1s - Not much needs to be said because they've always been great. I meet a lot of the same people every year as well as several new cool people. Thank you guys for bringing the HYPE to every event, and for being pretty awesome with Con etiquette, forming lines, etc., which made things go pretty damn smoothly.
2. The Gaming Room - Maybe it's just me, but I had far more fun in the console room this year than any other. It was smart of them to have several games pre-installed on most of the consoles so people could switch them on the fly, and UBER-DOUBLE-SMART of them to have the EVO stream up on the projector. Seriously, thank you, I love SGC and I love watching EVO, and getting to watch some great matches with the G1s was amazing. Shout outs to Bryan, Christian, Damian (or Damon?) and anyone else I played KOF 13 with. Also, they did a great job organizing the tournaments, there were probably at least 4x as many participants this year, especially in USF4 and Pokemon.
3. The Venue - As someone who lives in DFW and drives to the event every year, I was a little nervous about driving into downtown Dallas for it, but it ended up being pretty easy to get into and out of, plus the parking garage was like RIGHT THERE so I could actually bring my lunch in a cooler whenever I needed to eat at odd hours. The rooms were large enough that SGC has space to grow there, at least another 40-50% if not more (except in the Table Top room, which was pretty full most of the weekend).
4. The Arcade - Having it out in the open 24hrs a day was very smart, as nothing brings gamers together quite like the old-school arcade atmosphere. Seeing them there was the reason several random people who just happened to be at the hotel got day passes and joined the event.
5. 0073735963 - I was getting worried there. Craig got to Round 3 a couple times but then regressed and didn't get very far for a while, but eventually pulled through. It probably doesn't help that some of the advice I could hear he was getting wasn't really correct (though he didn't listen anyway), but the workout crew and everyone going nuts on every knockdown it was the exact kind of atmosphere we all wished we could have when beating a tough game. You'll get that TKO someday Craig!

Things that could be better:
1. Fire Alarms - Uh, yeah, not cool whoever-did-that… twice. Sure they didn't take long to sort out but things like that can make it impossible for SA to hold the event at that hotel next year.
2. Food - No offense to the hotel cook, but the availability of food and drink was lacking even more so than previous years, mostly due to their funky and very very short hours of operation. I believe the food court in the adjacent building was only open for lunch, and the snack bar only opened for an hour or so at a time a couple times a day (with even more ridiculous prices than previous hotels), which are fine for a "normal" convention but not for something open 24 hours. If the event is to be held at the Sheraton next year then either additional arrangements need to be made or everyone needs to be prepared to acquire their own sustenance for the weekend beforehand. Luckily most delivery options worked fine.
3. Volunteers - *Sigh* *Facepalm* This has been an issue every year, where lots of people sign up to be volunteers, get the T-shirt if there is one, show up to the meeting on Friday morning, then NEVER WORK THEIR SHIFTS. And I don't mean a few people, I mean roughly 70% didn't show (according to the official schedule). Luckily with Shaun having everyone check-in and check-out of their shifts it was pretty obvious on the board who didn't work and who did, so obviously several people won't be getting their reimbursements, but still, if you're going to volunteer and then back out at least let them know. Skipping a shift just to go to a panel is not a valid excuse, this is obvious Con etiquette. There were several entire 4-hr shifts where not a single volunteer showed up (when anywhere from 2 to 12 were scheduled), leaving everything open for anyone to walk in, including rooms with people's valuables. Shout outs to Linh and Jacobo for being cool people and keeping me company as the only other awake volunteers in the building Sat. night/Sun. morning. A volunteer corps can't work if people aren't willing to make small sacrifices here and there, to miss that one panel they want to see so that they can help everyone else find it, to provide a hint of safety and organization to the event, plus in a lot of cases you are getting reimbursed for sitting there and watching things you'd normally watch anyway. Also, only 6 orange vests total? Really? And no T-shirt or special badge to label volunteers? And no name checking or verification during the morning meeting? And no one ever answering the radio when help was needed (various times)? The blame can only go so far on the volunteers if there's not much organization behind them. I would volunteer to organize all the volunteers but I doubt they'd compensate me for the hassle.
4. Badges - The "Friday"/"Saturday"/"Sunday" badges from 2013 were a good idea for those getting single-day passes. They had wrist-straps for some people this year but others I talked to that paid for 1 or 2-day passes got the whole weekend badge instead. Not a huge issue overall but one that should be looked at.
5. Movie Room - For some inexplicable reason this was the place to be in 2009, but every year since it has either not existed or been the place for people to fall asleep watching 10 episodes of the same anime in a row. Why aren't any actual good movies shown? To be fair, I believe they said Fanimation was supposed to run the room but didn't give them a schedule to post, which would've helped a lot. A couple of suggestions: Keep TV series to a single episode, make it like a pilot episode to show off the concept to people to introduce them to a new series, don't make them sit through several episodes in a row. Have people who know the material "present" it to the room briefly before showing them, explain what it is and why they love it, and then people will be much more engaged. Make games out of it if you can, like showing the Legend of Zelda cartoon and count the number of times Link says "Excuuuuuuuuse me, Princess!".
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I posted some thoughts on the "Current Thoughts" Forum, but I'll elaborate here now that there is a proper feedback thread. SGC 2014 was my first gaming convention I have ever attended.

What was good:
- The Venue - It was large, but everything was relatively easy to find. The scary part of it all was that this was a "record breaking" year for SGC, yet there still was so much more room to grow!
- The Video Games - I really enjoyed the selection of arcade and console games available to play. The arcade selection slapped me in the face with nostalgia, and there were many games I knew about but never actually played until SGC (Aerosmith's Revolution X!!). The console gaming had an outstanding selection of new school & old school, and real weird games I have never heard of. The fact that every console had multiple games to play was a fantastic choice. Witnessing JP All-Stars for the first time was a wild time. Putting on the PowerGlove, even though it did not work properly, was a surreal experience.
- Indie Heaven - I hope this section only grows bigger next year. Game devs want to share their games to the public to sell their games and "beta test" them for bugs. We the gamers want to play new unreleased games because there is rarely an opportunity for us to do so. Win-win.
- The ScrewAttack Crew, the SGC Guests, the G1s - I don't know what more I can add to the conversation, as the combination of all these made for an extremely welcoming experience. Sure there are some awkward people around and not all SGC Guests were walking the convention floor (I didn't see much of JonTron or Angry Joe) but there were many more positive experiences to be found.
- 3DS StreetPasses. StreetPasses everywhere! It was fun to even see some of the SGC guests with 3DS's show up on my StreetPass Plaza (PBG, Andre, etc)
- YouTube Hell nearly stole the entire SGC. Seriously, that "panel" was one of the funniest series of moments I have felt in a long time. It sucked that it was interfering with the Team Fourstar 18+ Panel, but time time I spent at YouTube Hell afterward was amazing, even if sober (sorry guys).
- Keiji Inafune. "Hi. You like Mega Man? You like Mighty Numba Nine? Thank you."

What was not so good:
- Fire Alarms & Trolls - Someone pulled a fire alarm at SGC - twice. I don't know who you are, but I dislike you. On that note, did the ScrewAttack panel ever get rescheduled? :(
- Panels, Technical Difficulties, and unnecessary Lines - Was it just me, or were the panels really unorganized this year (mostly Main Stage)? Many started late, had technical issues, and they let people start seating WHEN the panel started, instead of BEFORE the panel started. Was there really a reason to let 200-300 people stand in line until 5-10 minutes after the panel was supposed to begin?? Some of these late panels involved just one person and a mic - not much setup there. Kudos to the volunteers and the G1s for making orderly lines, but I was disappointed at the late starts & shortened panels.
- Iron Man of Gaming Finals - the HYPE was just was a whimper. Lethal League (correct name?) seemed like a very promising game, but the combination of weak Craig/Chad voices, low mic volumes, and low game volume (I was sitting around the middle-front area of the room) made for a lame reveal compared to Sonic 4 and Killer Instinct that I saw on YouTube.
- The Food - I kind of expected the food within the hotel/event to be overpriced and suck, but it matched my low expectations. Good thing there are some good restaurants a short ride away...
- The amount of games to play - there were PLENTY of games to play this year, but they can always use MORE. Some arcade cabinets were out of order and some consoles/monitors did not work, and at the busiest moments I could not touch anything since every machine was occupied. This is more of a selfish complaint, but SGC can always use more stuff to play!

Overall, SGC was a mostly well-organized and a very positive experience. Amazing crowd, great SA crew in person, many panelists were interacting with fans all weekend (Jirard, Smooth McGroove, and MatPat especially were everywhere), the gaming with y'all was awesome, and SGC is something I would consider going next year.
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Prototype 2.0
Prototype 2.0
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The Good:

The g1s - It was nice seeing all the fans get together.
Autographs - It was very easy for me to get autographs. I got 10 autographs including Inafune.
Angry Joe and Team Four Star - These guys were everywhere. I even talked to Taka like five times just like I did with DSP last year.
The console games - I had fun playing Mario Kart 8, NFL Blitz, and some fighting games over the weekend.
The cosplays - There were some pretty talented cosplayers.
The panels - My favorites were Death Battle, Team Four Star, Keijji Inafune, Brentalfloss, and JonTron.

The bad:

Fire alarm - I don't know who you are, but I will find you and kill you (not literally).
Food - The hours for the food were ridiculous. Also, cash only, what the hell?
Delays - There were numerous panels that I went to that had a 15-20 minute delay such as the Opening Ceremony and Death Battle.
Godzilla vs. Gamara Technical Issue - I feel bad for Death Battle since they worked so hard on the episode and now it has to be delayed because the hard drive died.
Indie Heaven - I felt like the Indie games lineup wasn't anything too special for me.
The vendors - Like Indie Heaven, nothing too special for me.
Iron Man of Gaming Finals - The finals were short. It was so short, that the event ended one hour before the expected end time. Also, how could Mike Lukinoff win the contest if he lost his 1st match in Lethal League?
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Part-Time Alien Buster
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The Good

Gaming Room - Very large, nice and cool, a large amount of consoles to play with a large amount of games already pre-installed on each console. Had a lot of fun in there throughout the convention.

Community - Although the convention is starting to grow with every year, it still has that community feel to it, where you can talk with anyone and feel like you're welcomed, this is the main reason why I love SGC so much.

Dave and Busters Pre-Game - Soooooooo much fun raiding that place with 75 or so people, have to do it again next year!

Youtube Hell - I was surprised that that amount of people showed up for YTH but god damn that panel was so much fun!

Mega64 vs ButtAttack - I was one of the guys in the Mega64 shirts in the front row, having 20 - 30 of us fight about 300 - 350 Screwattack fans was so much fun, had an absolute blast there!

The Bad

Fire alarms - Sucked

The Venue - Although the actual convention area for SGC was an improvement over the Hyatt, the actual hotel area I felt was a downgrade. All the different towers got confusing on how to get to other g1s' rooms, and the hotel just felt like it needed renovating. Plus some cock sucker made a noise complaint at 10:30PM on the Friday of the convention.

Food - Nothing was open past 7PM, so had to resort to expensive food at the hotel, the area around the Sheraton just fucking sucked.

Iron Man of Gaming - The contest felt like it was really catering to the previous champs, delaying certain matches because a champ preferred one SNES to another, the guys running the IMOG being buddy buddy with champs. I'm not saying it was rigged for them or anything, just seemed like they got a lot more special treatment than the new comers.
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The First ain't the Worst
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Just saying, Dallas as a city sucks.
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Rising Dragon
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:13 am
Jomaravar wrote:Just saying, Dallas as a city sucks.

So, Captain America, which city should host SGC next year?
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Faithful g1
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So, my wife and I were talking a lot about our SGC experiences and she said I should make a post to the screw attack forums and see if anyone else loved it as much as us.

I liked the hotel it was at. The panel rooms were large enough that I didn’t feel like I needed to stay in line for most of them to guarantee a seat, which freed up my time to play some games or check out the dealer room. Staying at the hotel this time around was definitely a plus, and I’d recommend it to anyone attending SGC in 2015+. If it’s a little pricey for you, sometimes you can find a roommate in the screw attack forums who will split the cost with you; very cool. Also, we had a chance try out the pulled pork sandwiches. We're from Memphis, which is apparently known for its BBQ. THOSE SANDWICHES WERE AWESOME.
The layout was nice, and it was always cool to have people on the arcade cabinets or in the game room that you could just watch or join when the opportunity allowed. I was able to play Divekick for the first time at SGC 2014 and it was insane amounts of fun, despite getting my ass kicked a vast majority of the time, lol. Last year, the games felt hidden away, and this year it seemed like the focus. Marked improvement, imo.
Indie Heaven was amazing this year. I never got a chance to play Disorder, since someone was always entranced by it, but all the other things we played were great. Special mention to We Slay Monsters, Greeble, and Tumblestone.

The only real downside I could think of was that there were too many panels I wanted to see, lol. We had to make some really tough calls on what to see, whos signatures we could get and how much time we wanted to spend mingling among the community. It did seem strange that the panel filling up took time away from the panel itself, though. I assumed that was what the break between panels was for, but maybe there was just some miscommunication.
I’m going to go in order of the panels and signings we attended and give my thoughts about each, cause why not!

Very cool and was definitely a hype builder. I liked that they taught everyone the SGCWOO chant, since some people in line seemed confused about the chanting before the panel, lol. It was cool that Angel sent a video, since he couldn’t be there. He was an awesome guy last year, so it was sad he couldn’t make it to this one.
Random SGC 2013 story: we asked Angel to sign our SGC shirt last year and he seemed genuinely touched that we asked. He went grabbed a sharpie and tried to sign, but it was dry. So he quickly ran over to the badge area and grabbed another, which was mostly dry and spent like 5 minutes tracing his own signature over and over so we could be sure to see it. Then we hugged and got a picture. It was awesome. That shirt still holds a special place in our closet.

Loved the theorists panel. Wife and I even played Werewolf with the Crossover guys before the con started. They had a very cool energy and loved the quiz and mystery bags/envelopes as prizes. Apparently everyone hates red bags, cause they were never chosen, lol. Also, I saw Gaijin Goomba EVERYWHERE; apparently he liked all the same panels we did.

We missed quite a bit of his panel since we got the Game Theorists to sign our sexy sax dragon. We caught the end where it seemed like he was having people with the right ticket number play challenges with him. Was so sad that I didn't get to see the beginning! At the end, they threw ice cream sandwiches at us. The energy and love was definitely there, from the fans and the panelists. Also, JonTron and PBG showed up a little after us to watch, but were instantly mobbed by people wanting to meet them, lol. At the signing, I made Jirard laugh a ton at the sexy sax dragon I asked him to sign. Greg signed the nipple and added a nipple ring. It was awesome.

I. LOVED. THIS. PANEL. I don't know what it was, but something about the energy on stage between AJ and the rest was top notch. They joked, they laughed, they poked fun at each other; it was awesome. I honestly can't remember much else besides the general feeling of "I LOVED IT." It's on youtube now on his channel, if anyone missed it.
Side note: this might sound weird, but I am always worried that the youtube personalities I meet won't be anything like the "characters" they portray in their videos. I worry that they'll be dismissive or full of themselves or something, idk. None of them were. At all. Every one I met was polite, kind, and attentive. But AngryJoe seemed like legitimately the happiest mother fucker I've ever met. He seemed to love every fan he met, every story exchanged, and every moment of the time I saw him there. Love his stuff, but love his personality at the con more.

So, between the Angry Joe signing and the Screwattack Panel, we had some time. Time led to drinking. Drinking led to me forgetting anything that happened at this panel besides me laughing like a fucking idiot. So apparently, it was funny. 10/10. The signing being moved to the next day quickly became a plus, since I was worried I'd embarrass myself by slurring while talking to them. Woo!

So this was the only panel my wife and I had to split up to see our favorites. We both LOVE Andre and Brentalfloss, but I adored Andres panel last year and she HAD to see Brentalfloss. Fuck I wish I had bought that time turner from the dealer room. Andres panel was awesome. The theme-song-sing-a-long was amazing. And when the fire alarm went off he was like "WE'RE GONNA IGNORE IT AND KEEP GOING! ...WHAT? Huh? Oh... we have to leave... FUCK IT, BRINGING THE LAPTOP, GONNA DO THE PANEL IN THE PARKING GARAGE!" And he did. And it was just as awesome (though I was concerned about my wife at the concert with the possible fire). Wife and I reunited after the all clear was given, and we both went to the rest of Andres panel, since the invisible fires of SGC 2014 rekindled our love or some shit.
After the panel, I got in the Andre autograph line and she in the Brentalfloss line. I finished first, so I got to meet both! Yaay! And I think I overheard the story about James Ronald having his CDs stolen at the airport or something? Was super sad, cause my wife said he kicked ass during the concert.

We fucking fell asleep. God. Damn. It. We work nights, so we had to try to flip our schedule for the weekend, which didn't pan out. We woke up at 6AM on Friday after sleeping for like 5 hours and made it all the way to the REMATCH OF THE CENTURY. After the concert and Andre, we went upstairs to get some food and woke up the next day. FUCK.

I always enjoy the FAQs with Brentalfloss. His personality is just super entertaining to me. Loved his Nicolas Cage impression early in the panel, lol.

Got to meet the Screwattack Crew and get the final signature for my SGC 2013 N64 (Nick was always on the camera last year, so we missed him) and new sigs for our SGC 2014 sexy sax dragon (Chad signed the crotch; Craig wanted to sign the crotch too, but he was too slow). Very cool meeting everyone again. And lucky for us, Lauren was patrolling the line area, so we snagged a signature! Woo!

Very nice panel. At the signing, when I busted out the sexy sax dragon, I got a "this is some furry shit, isnt it?" look from them, haha (also: no, but it is a sexy sax dragon).

I've tried to make remixes and stuff before, so seeing these guys work was very cool. A LOT of the information they were giving went over my head, but it was still a very entertaining panel. And that fucking pikachu dying sound being mixed in was hilarious.

Apparently the answer to all of the questions was AngryJoe, lol. Loved this panel.
We caught no candy. WHAT A RIP OFF.

Smooth McGroove/AVGN/DidYouKnowGaming/Cosplay Contest
WE FELL ASLEEP! ADFAFHLKAHAKLFJFMDSFIEHNO. There is still much rage. Primal Rage. Fuck, man.

I think we caught the end of this one. What the fucking fuck was with some of those videos, lol. Very entertaining, anyway.

I'm not normally a club or rave kind of guy, but this was still fun as shit. Everything was awesome here. My wife nicknamed one of the guys dancing “Little Dude Bro”. He was intense.

This was the big one. We came in here ready for the long haul. It was going to happen, we just KNEW it. There was one moment early on where Craig only needed to knock him down one more time and Tyson had like NO fucking health left. Craig got pounded until he went enough to get KO'd, but everyone was yelling and the hype was so fucking real. My wife still mentions that apparently I yelled "MASH THE FUCKING BUTTONS, CRAIG" when he was trying to get up. Then the magic happened. Craig went toe to toe with Mike Tyson and fucking OUTCLASSED HIM. He didn't WANT to KO him. He wanted to EMBARRASS him. Hey, Mike, got instant KO's for the first 90 seconds, way more health, insanely fast attacks, and a massive advantage over Little Mac? Craig called him a bitch to his face and the judges held up signs saying "BITCH" "GOT" "TOLD".

They were so fucking tired and hoarse from the night before, hahaha. I loved the "WE CAN BARELY FUNCTION GUYS, BUT WE LOVE YOU" atmosphere and the crowd loved it, even though "IT WAS AVERAGE" was the chant that Craig started lol. ALSO, THERE WAS CAKE. NOM NOM NOM.

In the Angry Joe panel, Joe mentioned that Jon was worried no one would attend his panel since it was early on Sunday. I don't think Jon realizes how much people love him. That line was fucking insane. Also, Jon gave away porn. That needs to be more of a thing. JonTron Porn Panel. Jacques' Porn Party. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. Loved it, anyway. The panel, not the porn. I didn't win porn. Porn Monster Party.
It was a strangely difficult choice between seeing the panel and getting a spot in the autograph line that wasn't going to take the rest of the time away from gaming.

This was strangely disappointing, which was so weird given that last years was so fucking epic. It was very difficult to hear Craig and Chad (and I legitimately felt bad for Chad, since his voice was so hoarse when I did hear it). The game looked like it could be super fun, but it was just too quick for an endgame given no one having played it before. Instant kills made for super short matches, even if there were lots of them. There was no countdown. And throwing the shirts out during the tournament was very distracting. Unfortunate end :(
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The Pros!

The Community!!!! Man I love ya!!! My internet family!!!!!

Mega64 vs ButtAttack Shout out to the best crew ever!!!! Best thing ever. even that Mega64 lost, we keep our heads high!!!

Youtube Hell Some parts went too long, people were loud, and sure people didn't know how to handle drinks but holy shit!!!! I lost my voice by just laughing! Second best panel!!!

Dave & Busters What a good ass time!!! #TYBG for the jackpot!!!!

Arcades/Console room It was great!!! Excellent way to kill time when you are waiting for a panel or just going in the middle of the night!

Rooftop What a view!!!!!!! Great to take pictures of the Dallas skyline!

The cons....

The hotel Fuck it man! Internet went down, didn't get extra sheets until the 3rd time, didn't gave us toilet paper in the last day, and the mini-fridge we requested before... we didn't get it at all.

fire alarm was in line for Mega64 autographs! Almost got trapped in the stairs... that was scary as shit. I was in my room on the second one but checked twitter and well saw the reaction.

movie room Didn't know where it was. I know it would've been anime but the room was away from the main area what I heard.
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Sun, I am Proud
Sun, I am Proud
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I'm loving all the talk about panels I didn't attend - there was just so much to do it was hard to choose! If anyone's curious, I did a video on the con with my thoughts and experiences, so if you've got some time, give it a watch! :) ... PP9Gj66USQ
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:17 pm
Well hell, may as well throw my thoughts in.

Firstly, djb, they did not reschedule. We went back inside and they did a shortened wrap up. The autograph session was nixed and merged with Death Battle.

The Awesome- Angel's Video: Words cannot do justice.

Le Good

The Energy: I got to the hotel at about 1:30-2:00 on THURSDAY, and there was already energy building, and I know this because when I'd get to my room, I'd flop into the chair or on the bed exhausted. The weekend was great, everyone hyped for everything, most everyone in great moods, the security staff was even getting in on the entertainment. Yes, Sunday was deflated somewhat, but even with everything shut down, I still felt excitement in the air. Perhaps anticipation of next year?

The Arcade: Allow me to be frank, I suck at all games. Arcade cabinets give me slight improvements, but I still suck. It doesn't matter, though, as selection was very good, layout was great, and it was open for all...ON THURSDAY! I don't think it WAS intended to be that way, but the crew stated that it was a great thing. I'm sure the movers were not overly thrilled, but I didn't see anyone interfere with them working so perhaps they were cool with it.

Almost everyone: I've heard the horror stories, and I know I missed a few incidents this year, but I have to say that Everyone who attended, G1 or not, was nearly across the board respectful, well behaved, and genuine. The towns around here, entire towns, have nothing on the SGC Community. Also, I can say that I heard no unnecessary heckling the entire event. Not gonna claim it didn't happen, but I heard none, especially toward or about the cosplayers. Cheers on that, folks.

The Crew: Having volunteered for the event, not only my first for SGC but for anything really, I came not knowing what to expect. I had met Lord Shaun and Craig last year, and bumped into Nick a few times, but I went in expecting some guys who knew they ran the place and did as they please. You know, the guys in high school you hated. I couldn't have been further off the mark if I was Voyager, the Star Trek one. Not only were they the coolest guys to be around, they were humble, appreciative, and ready to do whatever they needed to do. Also, the SideScrollers preview video was hilarious.

The Guests I cannot speak on the matters of one Keiji Inafune, but on most all others they came across as overwhelmed and humbled to be there, or as excited as any kid I've ever seen. I'm not sure if Joe ever actually slept, and it seemed like JonTron was ready to sign stuff everywhere, and I think the only reason he didn't was that he had another place to be.

The Cosplayers: These are always great to see. It takes confidence and real determination to really pull it off, well that and a genuine interest in the character. You were all awesome anyway, but you're even MORE awesome for allowing this lowly bastard to take pictures the entire event.

The "Ehh"

The volunteers who flaked: Those who showed up were great, those who did more than what you were scheduled are wonderful. Those who flaked can suck a big one. As I said, I DID volunteer, and if I make it next year, I'll probably do it again, if for no other reason than seeing relief on the crew's faces when help arrived. Sunday afternoon, everyone was ready to do the flop.

The Sheraton, Dallas: The staff were good, the actual venue was very good, great for SGC. That said, the rooms are nice, but the fixtures in my bathroom weren't all tightened down, the Internet problems were common, and I never was able to find the way to the roof. It's rated as 3.3 stars, and it gets about that from me. Also, they brought up some DP when I told them the vending machine was broke on my floor.

Dallas' Food Situation: This was a complaint of mine last year as well. Last year, the quick stuff the Hyatt put out was as expensive at what the Sheraton put out this year, if not more, and was maintained sparingly until mid afternoon when it was shut down altogether. Closest non-hotel eats was the Founders Grill, about three blocks north and across the tracks. This year, I made a lap of the district, alllllllll the way BACK to Reunion, and found a McDonalds and two Subways going out. Once you get there, you have a few choices, but as no one in Dallas knows what an operating hours sign looks like, It's best to assume many places close at 6. On the return trip, I crossed over to the Elm St. side, and about 4-5 blocks away from the hotel, I found about seven places to eat along with the City Tavern. If we return to the area, there is a trio of restaurants over by the Comerica building. Look for the Press Box Grill (get the cheese fries), a Vietnamese place, and a good Italian place. Trust me, these can make up for the rest.

De Bad:

Plaza of the Americas: Not only does it close at 6 during the week, but it closes at 2 on Saturday, and most places aren't open that long inside. I see why it was merely mentioned and not hyped up.

Fire Alarms: Dick move, ass-hat.

The "Schedule": I know the crew couldn't really account for some things, but every panel on the main stage was delayed to some extent. What am I saying, NOTHING went on time. The Dealer Room was 20 minutes late on Saturday (Yes, more first-hand).
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