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This thread is designated for the craziest shit you've seen people say on forums besides this one. Whether it's funny, cringey, insightful, or some weird combination of the above, it goes here.

Here we have a man who genuinely believes that Skyrim and Final Fantasy VII are not iconic.

http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/633202-s ... 425?page=8

In fact, he is basically using Skyrim as a point of reference to prove that FF7 isn't iconic. He believes that it is proof that a game can be immensely popular among gamers and introduce tons of people to a franchise without being iconic. He scoffs at the notion of FFVII being the Super Mario 64 of JRPGs, and almost definitely hasn't played it.

That said, this right here, from an entirely unrelated thread, is easily my favorite exchange of dialogue I have ever seen on GameFAQs:

ssj3vegy wrote:
Great_Reapette wrote:
ssj3vegy wrote:You will deed one day Reap, and when you do you will think of me tbh

what the fuck

I meant after omgehhh
I drew Ristar

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