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That is exactly eight exclamation marks. It's as important to the title as any given letter. Just like the two exclamation marks in Bastard!!.

Anyway, Keijo!!!!!!!! is a delightful sports anime that centers around a completely original sport, named, as you may have guessed, Keijo, and protagonist Nozomi Kaminashi's endeavors to become the richest Keijo player there ever was. Given how much money there is in Keijo, of course, that's going to be quite the accomplishment. She, along with many others, is attending a school made specifically for the sport, training her butt off (or should I say training her butt on) day in and day out.

The rules of Keijo are as follows: both players are standing on a small space called the Land, that's floating in the middle of a pool. The first player to knock the other one either off of the Land or just on anything other than their feet wins the round. However, they are only allowed to do this with their butts and their breasts. Oh, and, uh, by the way, men can't play this sport. Because reasons.

The animation is stellar. It's like Hajime no Ippo, but with butts.





It's wild.

EDIT: The first two episodes are dubbed on Funimation's website, so you can go check that out if you want
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