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hey everyone, as a marvel fan i like to discuss with you about if funimation did some marvel related projects because with what i've been hearing from funimation they not only capture some of the characters of marvel but they also capture the spirit of the marvel universe. so i like to discuss with you who would you guys like to voice each of the marvel characters. here are mine:

Josh Grelle-Wiccan , Speedball, Rick Jones, Loki(young avengers),

Chris Sabat-Crossbone, Nitro, and SuperSkrull

Eric Vale-The Human Torch, Daken,

Colleen Clinkenbeard- Ms. Marvel / Captain Marvel/ Carol Danvers, Invisible Woman, Mary Jane Watson, Dakota North, Mantis, Nova(Frankie Ray) ,

Jason liebrecht-Abe Jenkins/Beetle, Havoc, Starlord

Christopher Bevins-Eric O'Grady/ Ant-man

Justin Briner-Hulkling

Brina Palencia-Rogue and X-23

Clifford Chapin-Iceman, Speed, Human Torch(Ultimate),

Cherami Leigh-Kitty Pryde, Hope Summers, Lyra/She Hulk, Molly Hayes,

Caitlin Glass-Mercury, Jean Grey(young), Magik, Scarlet Witch, Rachel Summers, Karen Page, Jessica Jones, Stature, Karolina Dean, Sharon Carter, Gwen Stacey(ultimate), Moonstone, Songbird, Screaming Mimi,

Greg Dulcie-Cable

Tabitha Ray-Squirrel Girl

Elizabeth Maxwell-Jessica Drew/Spider-woman, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat,

Bruce Carey-Stick and Eziekial

Mark Stoddard-Thunderbolt Ross

Jeremy Shwartz-Meastro

Alexis Tipton-Pixie

Kent Williams-Magneto, the Owl, Otto Octavious' father, GrandMaster of the Universe , the Collector, and Ben Urich

Jason Douglas-Doctor Doom, Super-Skrull, and Gladiator(Daredevil)

Ed Blaylock-Franklin Richards

John Swasey-Wilson Fisk/ Kingpin

Chris Rager-the Juggernaut

Lydia Mackay-Mystique and Elektra

Todd Haberkorn-Harry Osborn and Sunfire

Trina Nishimura-Dagger, Nico Minoru, and Surge

Austin Tindle-Cyclops(young)

Stephanie Young-Storm , Gamora, and Madame Hydra

Phil Parsons-Nick Fury(classic)

Jerry Jewell-Jack o'Lantern, Purple Man, and Jester

Ian Sinclair-Electro, Scorpion, Bruce Banner,

David Wald-The Punisher

Brett Weaver-Nuke

Chuck Huber-Tony Stark/ Iron man and Ned Leeds

Lara Woodhul-Valerie Richards

J Michael Tatum-Mister Fantastic, Daredevil, Guardian , Adam Warlock, and SuperSkrull

Joel Mcdonald-Victor Mancha

Barry Yandell-Doctor Stephen Strange

Anastasia Munoz-Madame Masque

Maxey Whitehead-Franklin Richards

Lindsey Seidal-Xavin

Alex Organ-Norrin Radd/Silver Surfer and Vision

Tyson Reinhart-Microbe

Marisa Lanti-Pepper Potts

Bryan Massey-Bullseye

so who do you want to play each Marvel Characters?

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