Ghostbusters (2016) movie

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After I reacted to Ghostbusters (2016) movie trailer, all of main characters are female. I'm not happy with the new Ghostbusters movie with rebooted. I like the original Ghostbusters movie backs in 1984. Remember when Harold Ramis passed away? Without Harold Ramis, they will make the rebooted just like DOOM (2016) game where it was originally going to be sequel under working title, DOOM 4 until it was changed after John Carmack was departed in id Software from Bethesda/Zenimax and joined Oculus VR under Facebook. But in RWBY, after Monty Oum is passed away, Rooster Teeth will keep on continuing without Monty Oum. The new season of RWBY was awesome thanks to Rooster Teeth without Monty Oum. So James Rolfe from Cinemassacre who made AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd) said that he was too disappointed and he decided to skip the film and not going to review it. However when social justice warriors are attacking James Rolfe (Cinemassacre) on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube. James Rolfe will keep it neutrals just like Linkara from That Guy With A Glasses studio (Channel Awesome) where he made the video about Top 15 comic books that he will never review including one scene where there is Sonichu comic made by Chris-Chan which he refused to do the review (because there is NSFW and possibly Linkara will be attacked by Chris-Chan if he gave Sonichu a negative by Linkara's review). I will agreed with James Rolfe. Also thanks to Pat The NES Punk from The Punk Effect back in #CUPodcast for defending his friend, James Rolfe and keeping neutral just like Boogie2988 did. How you feel about this movie? Is it not good? Tell us.
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Some classics should not be messed with..

Trump victory. RIP Earth

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