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reviewed as part of hoop-tober 2015

If you want Cabin in the Woods for the kiddos then Goosebumps is your best bet. Horror-Comedy is a tricky balance of laughs and scares. Goosebumps doesn’t leave you rolling in the aisles but there is enough horror flavored fun here to make it worth a watch.

The story goes the new kid in town moves in next store to children’s horror author R L Stine. Nothing like having a creepy neighbor, but we learn that in fact all the monsters from the Goosebumps series are real and through a series of mishaps they are unleashed to terrorize a small town. It is a great concept, rather than pick one book to adapt to screen, we are given a meta-story that allows dozens of creatures to come alive in a real monster mash.

The actual humor falls a bit flat, most of the time. Some of the meta humor, such as the exchange about how many books Stine has sold, or comparisons to more respected authors like Stephen King are pretty cleaver, but much of the rest of movie relies on stock dumb humor and jokes. The characters don’t speak or act realistically it all feels very sitcom-y. This wouldn’t be such a problem if the movie was going for simple dumb fun, but somewhere in there they wanted to make it a grounded emotional story about loss and isolation from friends and family and it just doesn’t handle this shift in tone well at all.

But enough on that you came here for the monsters. Yes they are mostly CG, but quite a few are literally larger than life and create some great set pieces. You get a good variety of different foes from a werewolf, to ghouls, to aliens, and of course a talking dummy. It is good stuff and if you are a fan of the books you will enjoy seeing many other creatures from the series making easter egg style cameos in the crowd. It is far from perfect, but it is inoffensive horror entertainment for all ages.
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The UK doesn't get it till Feb 2016 :|

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