Battle Royale

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It's a Cat. I Think
It's a Cat. I Think
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2015 8:10 am
I watched it for the first time Sunday. It was quite good, outside of the oft mention fact that Hunger Games kind of ripped it off and didn't do as good a job.

It's true though. Much better than Hunger Games. It presents the theme in a much more believable way. We don't need to have this blatantly dystopian future to make the point. Battle Royale was pretty eloquent in its themes of the relationship between school systems and youth crime, childhood subjectivity, and Lord of The Flies type stuff. I don't even know if these were in The Hunger Games because that premise was so convoluted (at least in the movie).
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Mystical Adminja
Mystical Adminja
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I know everyone points at Battle Royale as the inspiration for Hunger Games and kind of ignores the entire Death Games sub-genre. If anything Hunger Games takes more from stuff like The Running Man, The Long Walk, and Rollerball in terms of themes. The setup and a couple of the elements like danger zones (which don't even really come much into play in Battle Royale) seem like they were too good not to use again though.

Enough about Hunger Games. I'm not sure Battle Royale is trying to say about the relationship between school systems and youth crimes, is there some cultural thing I am missing? But I can see the childhood subjectivity theme and comparisons to Lord of the Flies.

I guess the main problem with the film, is there are lots and lots of characters and so we don't spend a lot of time many of them. You didn't really give me a chance to get to know them to care about them being offed, and on the flip side if I was starting to dig where the character was going then they seem to get killed off in a way that doesn't really resolve their character arc. Kind of a lose-lose situation. Also every other scene seemed to involve two characters who loved each other either secretly or truly, which I guess might happen with hormonal teens, but you can only show someone tearfully confessing their love as they are dying so many times before it gets old.

Still there is lots to like in the concept. It lends itself well to a lot of cool scenarios and heightened violence and blood, which is never a bad thing. It keeps a good pace and there is always something happening. Worth a watch.

Also I totally thought the girl poisoned everyone on the bus with the cookies and would win that way
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Robber in Training
Robber in Training
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2015 7:39 am
I love this movie. I am huge fan of Battle Royale. Quentin Tarantino love this movie too. I heard there is the mod for ARMA III based on Battle Royale and there is the mode for H1Z1.
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