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These Shades are Worth More than your Life
These Shades are Worth More than your Life
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In an effort to catch up on the Star Trek TV shows before the start of Star Trek: Discovery, I finished watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine earlier this summer. I really disliked it at the beginning, mostly because of the characters, but the writing wasn't anything spectacular either. It already started getting a bit better later in season 1, and eventually got much better going forward. I don't think it ever reached the same heights as TOS or TNG in their prime, though.

I'm currently six seasons deep in Star Trek: Voyager, and I'm struggling to get through it.

It started alright, but during season 3, I almost gave up on the show, because most episodes were so boring to me. I stayed with it, though; I'd heard that season 4 is where the show gets a lot better. That was true: season 4 had some stinkers, but overall it was much better show than anything that came before, and quite frankly anything that has come after it as well.

Come season six, and almost all episodes either uninteresting, or basically repeat plots of earlier seasons' episodes. I'm back at the same situation I was in with season 3, except instead of the promise of me almost being at the point where good episodes start rolling out, I'm at the point where I'm almost done with the series. I forget which episode I'm on exactly, but I think that I have about 10 more episodes in season 6, and all of season 7 left. No way I came this far just to quit watching.

Hopefully I'll enjoy Enterprise more, once I get there.

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