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PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:59 am
Abrams X wrote:I can't say I care for the Mixed Match Tournament. It's only been one episode but meh. The match itself wasn't bad, it's just... lacking.

Also is it just me or does keeping the Mixed Tag rule of only women vs women & men vs men on tags feel archaic? Especially given the whole "Women's revolution" and the fact I cannot think of another promotion that still adheres to such rules.

Because if a guy beats a girl then WWE is promoting violence against women and oppressing women and if girl beats a guy then WWE is burying their talent by making him look like beta (uck. Political climate is so touchy right now and WWE is in the PG era so they don't want to walk that tightrope.

All those old skeletons will start bubbling to the surface. When a man injures a woman in ring it will be compared to when Stone Cold beat the $hit out of Debra irl. Or when a male superstar who wrestles women gets hit with a sexual allegation, yikes.

Everything is too segmented now. Monsters can only wrestle Monsters. Cruiserweights can only wrestle Cruiserweights, and have to be on a separate show. Whatever happened to a classic David vs Goliath story? Men have their matches. Women have their matches.

What are they going to do when Sanity gets called up? Nikki Cross is going to be messing with all the guys in their matches and they won't even be able to defend themselves, it is going to be silly. They did sign Candice LeRae and she is better wrestler than half the men on the roster, so maybe they are considering letting her wrestle some of the guys?

It could work with good booking and storytelling, but WWE likely wll only see it as a novelty match anyway and not a real draw.

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